A book club

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A book club

Post by zmokey »

I was thinking to have a wide project like a book club.


The Books Pub should be a club about books. Presenting reviews, news, your works...
Anyone would be able to register on the blog with her/his email he commonly uses - news about site and comments to your posts will be sent there. Anyway the email address will be confidential, would be use just for the purpose described above.

The project would have three main purposes.

The first and main idea about is about reading circle is that for some number of weeks anyone could propose a book (that has an English translation preferably) that they found interesting. After this it follows one week to decide on the book to start the discussion about. Next is a period of some weeks, maybe one month, to get the book and read it. After passing that month everyone is invited to post their comments with thoughts about the book. Anyway this terms in time (days,weeks,months) can be changed considering that it should be a wide project, some books are hard to be achieved.

The second direction is presenting, publishing your work: poetry, essays, etc

The third purpose would be presenting news from this domain, new books etc...

We encourage everyone to post their comments, thoughts about this idea.

Many thanks.
Catalin @ zmokey


This is from http://thebookspub.blogspot.com/ the blog I will keep up2date with news and should host part of discussions. Waiting for feedback here or on that site.
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Post by Eenie »

I have waited a bit after reading this to post a reply. Since it is posted under "How can we improve undernet?" I am at a loss to see how this would improve the network.

I suggest you use this idea as a channel project. Open a channel for this. I can't imagine how this would be an undernet-wide "project." But it might make a fun and educational channel for those interested.

Just my two cents.
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