ideas to improve the mode +D

You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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ideas to improve the mode +D

Post by CrazyEgg »

Hello and here

As we all see the +D mode working perfect on abuse and for audits and all the ppl is happy now.

The problem is that we are not finished in my opinion.

As we know we can do /names -d # to see the hidden users.
Also as we observ the -d users can see all the list in the channel exempt the others -d users.
We can make someone +d with +v in channel with modes +Dm.

My initial opinion was:
the -d users can see ONLY the opers and the message from them.
I insist in that idea cause with that we can protect the other users from abuse.(send dcc files etc)

We need also another one posibility.
to make +d one user without giving voice.

the /names -d # is good but can work stable and continiues only with an egg and is too painfull for a user to make /names and whois everyone to check out the -d user.The ops must have the posibility to see the users in real time.

That was my opinion and we can have discussion about that.

Best Regards

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Post by Xaifas »

+D doesent need improvments, the codes of your eggs does. Using my own custom scripts to ineract with +D and works just fine. plus if u want to see both of hidden and non hiden u can always /who #chan d

and its not necesary to voice them to unhide them, you can always kick them heh

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Post by CrazyEgg »


probably you didnt read the old posts here for +D mode and you didnt even know what mean to try to improve something if first you didnt understand the conseption and to see behind that.
3 years before all here was not according with me about how can we use the +D mode (try to find out old post in that section).
Now the offical channels have the mode all time on.

Also i have to tell you that i am just a simple user and nowhere type that i need eggdrop to protect the channel also nowhere type that i need to know mirc scripting also and even if i have knowlenge (which i have) here we are for chat and is just a hobby.
You must try to think like simple user before answer here.
Here is commitee and we have discussions to protect users,rooms and to make that used less resurces if posible.

so what exactly is your opinion now? to leave the +D as it is or to try to improve more?

best regards