Undernet Drones

You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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Re: Undernet Drones

Post by SeeknDestroy »

Well folks... I've been thinking very hard about my intentions to try to get the news/media involved with this situation. My biggest concerns are 1) complete shutdown of Undernet, and 2) extremely bad exposure for IRC as a whole. I keep going over and over in my head whether or not trying to force the change is worth it in the end. So what I did is got on a mailing list, and asked others who are experienced with both IRC and illegal activity what their thoughts on the matter were. This is one of the responses I received :

Another thing brought up here was the user count. Yes, getting rid of
botnets will bring that down, but I personally believe that the drop
will be temporary. I'm sure more than a few people choose to stay away
from the network simply because of the illegal activities associated
with it. Get rid of the illegal activities and you'll attract new users.

As far as the staff doing nothing about the botnet problem, there's 3
possibilities that come to mind: A, they're overwhelmed and need to
hire more staff on; B, they don't care because it bolsters their user
counts, in which case they need to be shut down and possibly the owners
brought up on charges; or C, they just flat out don't care, in which
case they need to hand the network over to someone who does. In any
case, if they're unwilling to do anything, then they need to be shut
down, period. There's plenty of other networks out there the users can
move to, most of which would be far more likely to keep the botnets off
their networks.

I am NOT the only one who shares this point of view!

BTW... one user following this thread did msg me and point out the fact that my anger is showing through too much in my posts. You're completely right, and I will try a lot harder to keep it out of my posts.

Anyways folks... today is my birthday... I sure won't be on here to post anymore today. L8rz!

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Post by TheGrim »

There's few channels with bots, not drones but bots!

Code: Select all

#book #color #cut #give #have #mute #Replay #report #mp3downloads #mp3passion

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Post by Wolfyx »

Happy Birthday, S
I'm an angel, honest! The horns are just there to keep the halo straight

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Post by SeeknDestroy »

Thanks Wolfy... I enjoyed it thoroughly!

After many chats with many people from many different backgrounds and viewpoints... I've decided the idea of news/media attention will do more damage than good, and simply isn't worth it in the end. I wanted to be responsible for helping spark change, not be the one remembered as the guy that killed IRC. I officially withdraw my plans to do so.

With that being said, I haven't given up on the issue of creating public awareness amongst both users and opers. You have the tools. You have the people ready and willing to use them. All you need to do is get it done, ALL of you!

I've got just 2 more posts to make here... one with a summary of Pros/Cons of taking the time to make these changes happen, and another with a per-server list of simulated drone tests, to figure out which servers are holding back change. I'll try and get those on here ASAP. Alot of time/work into this thread already... I need a short break.

Before I go... a short excerpt from zagreb's MOTD :

- * The direct or indirect use of this server for illegal activities
- such as warez, child porn, mp3s is FORBIDDEN!
- * We do NOT allow harassing, clones, drones, flooding, impersonating
- and the abuse of our service. Abusive bots will be removed if we
- spot them.


P.S. if you're going to post on this thread... please keep it strictly on-topic and no flames! Thanks.

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Post by Huggins »

All my posts have been edited to nothing, seen as the Undernet forums is totally a waste of space, with inbred's like simba running it.

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Post by Xaifas »

[19:15:17] Aretina18 was kicked by Xaifas (A spambot kicker makes my pocket bigger: Total money: 32.5$)

Gona get more $$$ then Bill Gates. Soon im gona need to put the value of $ in &bvar and that is NOT a good thing :/ :(

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Post by Huggins »

All my posts have been edited to nothing, seen as the Undernet forums is totally a waste of space, with inbred's like simba running it.

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Post by undermaster »

[april,21 2008]
Check by yourself, it in a spanish help channel -

[13:48] <ChokeBigKapo> hola [Hi]
[13:48] <ChokeBigKapo> alguien puede ayudarme? [can someone help me}
[13:49] <COMISAIRE27> ChokeBigKapo - lee primero el topic, por favor [Firstly, read the topic]
[13:49] <COMISAIRE27> * Haga su pregunta y espere por una respuesta *[state your question and wait for an asnwer]
[13:49] <ChokeBigKapo> ok[ok]
[13:50] <ChokeBigKapo> yo me conecte a undernet porque me dijeron que es buen servidor para conocer gente e intercambiar achivos[I connected To undernet because they told me that it is a good server for chatting and exchange files}
[13:50] <ChokeBigKapo> es cierto?[its that true]
[13:50] <ChokeBigKapo> la verdad es que no conozco muy bien undernet[truely, I dont know undernet]
[13:52] <COMISAIRE27> ChokeBigKapo, no, te mintieron, pero este servidor es para chatear, conocer gente, chat....de intercambiar archivos eso es illegal.[no, they lied you, this network is for chatting, meet people, ...to exchange files it is illegal]
[13:52] <ChokeBigKapo> ok[ok]

I tried to translate it into english inorder to all users understand the meaning...

Now, undernet is becoming a network for exchange files/drones/floodbots/...etc
so, think about.
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Post by Xaifas »

from the undernet AUP it says its allowed to use 1 psyBNC per person :classic:

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Post by xplo »

Is It me of this tread is kinda getting off topic.. We need to Have Some Real Talks about, Why Are These Drones STILL CONNECTED. Even After We Showed, some proof .. I , myself pasted hundreads of Problematics hosts here.. I guess People Don't Get It.. !!

Let Me Remind you a little something...

/who ??1????????? n%nuhr <--This is The Only Proof You Need...

~boinyuff d-65-175-159-215.cpe.metrocast.net Ae1fW39uqq9q Lg3aM82rxp6rs
~vmjrfjof pool-71-120-56-136.sbndin.dsl-w.verizon.net Io1tI79ahi5h Em2uC01ljo5dt
~sad adsl-074-236-088-015.sip.bct.bellsouth.net Me1qF74huy8y /msg x help ? ;¬)
~pxjjfigc c-98-224-54-128.hsd1.fl.comcast.net Vb1tA80lxw9s Cv5jK79zsa5ky
~btljlzdjw Nk1sV41irl1i Vr8vI65ydg6uk
~qyjnkuec pool-72-82-186-6.cmdnnj.east.verizon.net Pp1iU00qoa6f Ao7sM09gaq2il
~sms nj-71-1-169-240.dyn.embarqhsd.net Jf1vM60nou4s --== mui pamflet ==--
~petre 24-117-7-144.cpe.cableone.net Cy1nB36wal3d Mama ce bun sunt
bone pool-151-200-24-30.res.east.verizon.net Lx1vP26vdj9k -= fast =-
~vivione ppp-70-244-237-154.dsl.spfdmo.swbell.net Mv1rP56tch3x -= hy =-
~boone 65-102-204-194.hlrn.qwest.net Qb1mB70cis9o -= faci o mufa ? =-
~slatting c-68-37-29-75.hsd1.de.comcast.net Nl1nU64gpc4e poesy
~cartof 68-20-138-5.ded.ameritech.net Zz1jO51avk2t Lupa Steaua !!!
~recompute c-76-97-179-239.hsd1.ga.comcast.net Zq1vZ89cuc5z salute
~Winnetka Yv1eK45aza6p vain
~drone c-69-242-68-251.hsd1.pa.comcast.net Nu1nV51ads6c -= sa ma sugi =-
~privilege vsat-148-63-105-231.c002.t7.mrt.starband.net Um1iL19jdn2y shanty
~ibjrxtuk bas5-montrealak-1128584155.dsl.bell.ca Pt1bH31xrt7z Ug4rN69kjh3mq
~net adsl-242-100-207.tys.bellsouth.net Nn1dV89sgw7z stf ;¬)
sms CPE0015f2a3d398-CM00122541823c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com Re1rW18yoo6b user
~dust c-71-206-16-155.hsd1.md.comcast.net Qq1gX43gjb3k bouquet
~Plymouth adsl-2-88-18.mia.bellsouth.net Kf1mE30ycr6c GOP
vrcxkoalhe cpe-24-208-139-46.insight.res.rr.com Mi1xL81sww1i Xy2pX18dwb8ta
~sex Pw1lF84rpf5m ftpusers
~murre c-68-36-6-87.hsd1.nj.comcast.net Va1wY18nog6w La_Plata
~dynasty Sl1qP15bri7r coalition
~six pool-71-244-155-193.chi.dsl-w.verizon.net Oh1dQ39zmz8r jiffy
~Deea Wx1nW98hdz3v Silence I Kill You ;¬)
~Mures 168-103-216-229.hlrn.qwest.net Gk1hY84xry7y ai vrea ? sau ti-ai dorii ;¬)
~blaze Zw1yY89xwc0g bussed
~biographe Hy1kG33rnl1l hunch
~infinitiv Vq1sK29nxi8s agglutination
~smoky Yv1vI13fpb7o ocean
~convect Tg1dV44tbg8s postscript
~traffic Xv1kT08wqw1r baste
~umpire Fg1lO74njx6k pressed
~erupt c-76-17-161-184.hsd1.mn.comcast.net Vg1xE84aqg0s boulder
sesame adsl-64-123-120-113.dsl.wchtks.swbell.net Ia1nI72dln4t desist
~germ CPE001d7e1f4ac2-CM001225d88b9a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com Bw1wH99wdj1y wept
~slice adsl-242-100-207.tys.bellsouth.net Ry1wQ55fey8p /msg x help ? ;¬)
haxor c-24-9-152-61.hsd1.co.comcast.net Ms1yD35wip2n --== o belesc la cald ==--
~might 72-161-62-218.dyn.centurytel.net Gj1kB31wwy6y quell
~lovey ip68-2-125-216.ph.ph.cox.net Pv1fW85kel7f UTA Arad
~pepene 209-43-5-66.hhcorp.org Lt1iS09kmb5s Mihai Eminesc
~obsolete 74-128-103-37.dhcp.insightbb.com Vl1zJ20lje9q arc
~cowpea Gw1gX58tcn8t errant
~kxnyfwkf c-24-10-160-241.hsd1.ut.comcast.net Tg1jR21lpd5t Sg7qR25cjp4we
~love Xa1hI67dkv9f immense hatred and loathing
Hardcore belptbcnas03-3637526878.dial.bell.ca As1zR82oza3p paste
~relief pm8-121.ttc-cmc.net Ra1zN12nvx0v drab
~bremsstra cpe-65-25-28-40.neo.res.rr.com Cx1wB63ste0i geocentric
~lizard adsl-67-65-54-9.dsl.snantx.swbell.net Po1pI11own2i pellagra
~rein bas1-toronto02-1177912265.dsl.bell.ca Ls1tE26aie4v custard
~shoe ip72-218-4-69.hr.hr.cox.net Vo1rV80kur9m sporadic
~somber Pv1cU45bgm4n infeasible
~commemora Sv1oT77lyn7z hovel
~infect Te1tW29sls5c venial
~oar Rv1wN55tjn3s retinue
~moduli Ky1zU44rkt0g deficit
~communist Xo1vW57spf8o ,undernet.org
~harry To1wQ49ime3v w,him
~shrink Oq1qL63lor4j current
~mongoose Yo1pM71xgn9h transceive
~smolder Lw1rV49bfe5f minnow
~disrupt Br1yJ89wvw0i axer
~register Kt1lO97dwf7f arbitrate
~hoop Hj1zZ12fqn9n euphoric
~sms Rk1mZ51npt7x tarfa de lux
~corral 75-170-62-110.eugn.qwest.net Ie1jZ05mgr9j wide
~bilabial Cr1kR65mfs8l swipe
~track Sr1eR61wbd1c amity
~gasser Gu1wC26gay1l shrug
~evaporati Hf1gA26fkn1f surf
~wag Xv1yE23rmc6t mercilessly
~expert De1cH74vec0o scoot
~unneeded 216-67-51-166-rb2.nwc.dsl.dynamic.acsalaska.net Uf1iU26rvg1r regenerative
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Bohr 64-250-207-29.dyn.hsi.pldi.net Ef1sK65wfx8d vast
~achieve Yr1gU61uhn6z Fran
~lurk h-64-105-65-240.phndaz91.dynamic.covad.net Wf1zQ39rps1m administrable
Core c-98-221-205-36.hsd1.nj.comcast.net Lz1zZ46vbn2c stf ;¬)
~mary c-69-252-196-207.hsd1.nm.comcast.net Bt1uJ14sce5z hot
~ssh c-24-126-202-172.hsd1.ga.comcast.net Me1kN37adz6f Big Brother is watching you!
~skzbscam c-71-196-35-121.hsd1.fl.comcast.net Nf1kM17rmo5a Bl6qS17puz4bi
~hit ip-66-241-185-54.dsl-dhcp.wal.huntel.net Bl1dB96tvm1n assessed
~river user-0c2hff6.cable.mindspring.com Il1uL22bpu8p sabbatical
~orthant Bz1fI22qsl3x goblin
~handicapa cpe-76-170-248-113.socal.res.rr.com Ix1rI84mqj3h just play ;-)
away adsl-75-42-169-146.dsl.sndg02.sbcglobal.net Yl1qI20ylm6q slice
~insignia dpc674589146.direcpc.com Ol1eA45eur6z when
rege c-98-215-249-142.hsd1.il.comcast.net Eb1rX72sik5e Forta Steaua Bucuresti !!!
~jridjwxi CPE-124-181-66-52.vic.bigpond.net.au Cs1mS03iba9r Dd2cX40iqb5qk
~dare cpe-67-9-113-246.satx.res.rr.com Qs1nB58dvs6d ebb
~monotheis olin-04-041.dsl.netins.net Lw1aP94dfy0o drill
~police Lb1fN77pay5m gratuitously
~adagio CPE000fea416b4f-CM00080daeac85.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com Bs1oE69qvh5r incapable
~immoderat Ks1nL04lrd9j iubit
~unloved 222-153-76-184.jetstream.xtra.co.nz Np1bX63sdm7w /msg x help ? ;¬)
~hyper bas2-toronto21-1242350647.dsl.bell.ca Qg1gU35qsr7i vehemence
~radiate Ni1jA88nwp3i ,Andreea
whzwjafvxd 65-78-82-101.c3-0.atw-ubr1.atw.pa.cable.rcn.com Cd1sM17hol9q Wj6lB46cou0hj
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flew c-75-73-228-95.hsd1.mn.comcast.net Ue1pV07sml7s snifter
~net 150.64-150-158-net.sccoast.net Be1yK59sma5m ai luat tzeapa !;¬)
~ebcahwvj adsl-69-231-154-194.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net Hs1vU67kqo9z Zn4iL65zde9qn
evident dialup- Ej1bT24kzg4r bygone
~Andrei cpe-204-210-87-185.maine.res.rr.com Sz1xY94ryj6o ai vrea ? sau ti-ai dorii ;¬)
~cubu host-72-174-226-128.stn-co.client.bresnan.net Cp1vI78jps9z caliph
~vhelknma dialup- Ew1pW59zjo0g Ml9eK87bzi9am
eqmafexf c-67-161-109-123.hsd1.wa.comcast.net Kc1mT47ynf1m Er6jR77iyi4dj
dngubwuuel ACA649BF.ipt.aol.com Zk1eF23sml1r Yx0eR46kxl6af
~brush 23-112.35-65.tampabay.res.rr.com Bu1uS88iex0u knock

??1????????? End of /WHO list. .... OR IS IT..??

now try one of these commands..

/who ??2????????? n%nuhr
/who ??3????????? n%nuhr
/who ??4????????? n%nuhr
/who ??5????????? n%nuhr
/who ??6????????? n%nuhr
/who ??7????????? n%nuhr
/who ??8????????? n%nuhr
/who ??9????????? n%nuhr
/who ??0????????? n%nuhr

How Can't you do something about it.. ???

ill Say like Xaifas. :classic: :p
Go to hell with your questions, my time is done here. It was fun, but this network is sooooo corrupted by morons, its not worth it.

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Post by `Dan »

stop posting guys nobody is interested , the best way is to get some ircops and users on a channel , users will came up with ideas , ircops analyse user's ideas etc... , make a anti-drone project / channel... blah..
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Post by Xaifas »

I vote that every server should put at the top of their MOTD:

UNDERnet =

Ultimate Need for Drones and Euthopia of Redneck's (NET - Network)

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Post by SeeknDestroy »

Sorry I haven't been on the forum lately to continue this thread... although it seems to be turning out like every other related thread on here... empty promises and lack of action.

Anyways, my last roommate didn't pay his electric bill for the last 4/5 months he was on the lease, and the bill was in my name, and he's now in jail for multiple battery charges. So 2 months ago the power company came and shut my power off due to the fact that I cannot afford to pay his past-due amount :( I'm waiting on a stimulus check to get the power back and get my computer turned back on.

Don't let this thread die folks... keep it active, and keep it on top of the list. Thanks.

- SeeknDestroy

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Post by CrayonMan »

Well with the advent of the mIRC script, and eggdrop script that will completely handle IAUTH, now what does Undernet intend on doing? Already their precious solution to the problems of drones and such on the network, has now been foiled, and no longer a viable solution. Anyone?

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Post by xplo »

exactly, with a little 2 min to spare and regex skills. you can "bypass" this system.

and.. IAUTH is not even on every servers yet.. how useless is this...

something must be done.

ok. maybe opers have a lot of work to do. but, its not that long to do a channel gline, to close warez, e-trade, credit cards channels..

when you see something illegal. you get rid of it.

police is useless here. ITS THE IRCops JOBS TO STOP THESE KIND OF THINGS.

since when a police officer will go on a channel and say "please stop what your doing"

when they will get one of them, 2 other dudes will get his job.. at this rate, there will be more trading channel then "chat" channels on undernet.

... if your an oper, an admin, or someone in charge, and you read this post..

please REPLY and tell me why you don't close these channels.

be precise and don't post a book with answers turning around the question...

If you need solutions, suggestions. let us know.. some undernet users may have more ideas and skills to do this then you guys do,

i say that cauz, look at us.... ( Undernet ) we are the irc network that keeps the most "junk" on our servers, and WE ALLOW IT!!!...

how lame is that ?? you tell me.

Regards, xplorer
Go to hell with your questions, my time is done here. It was fun, but this network is sooooo corrupted by morons, its not worth it.