/msg x remall

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/msg x remall

Post by Shinnok »

A Mass Remuser Command For Manager of the channel(+500) what about this?

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Post by Eenie »

A channel manager's main responsibility is to only add access to those he knows and trusts. Why in the world would he ever have the need to remove the access of ALL of his ops??

This command seems totally unnecessary to me. Let's use our resources for commands that would really benefit the users, not those that allow the channel managers to circumvent their responsibilities.

Eenie ;-)
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Post by Spidel »

waste of resources and in the other hand i agree with Eenie.
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Post by toolz »

He adds trusted users and sometimes their usernames are hacked, god knows how and many accesses are added to the channel's access list, lets say hundreds of accesses, what will you do? waste all day to erase accesses? Not to mention that when you still want to do it, X might ignore you because you really flood it using remuser command so often. Spidel should know that as users join #CService with such a problem.

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Post by Crosswing »

There's a low probability for a username to be hacked if the person owning it does not accept "free" stuff from "friends" and never shares his/her password. :roll:
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Post by xplora »

Abo, 2 issues there,

1 what if the username that is hacked IS the managers one ? (suddenly they could remove everyone and replace it with their own list)

2 if worse come to worse they can come to #CService looking for an admin (please only for thousands of additions)
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