Undernet t-shirts

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Undernet t-shirts

Post by olavinho »

Hi all is Olavinho

Just an Idea maybe someone already had the same Idea I Just want to know why our network Undernet is not making T-shirts for sale. I know we are an Organization but you can sell T-shirts for Users. So we can advertise our network .

That is All Folks


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Post by `Dj »

LOL , i must say that this idea was very original :) Never heard of such a thing. But if you really want my oppinion I think that selling t-shirts is not a good way to make publicity to the Undernet network or to improve it :)

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Post by rangoonmcg »

...so opposed to being friendly? They ought to rename it leavemethehellalone.net

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Post by aman2 »

I think this is a VERY original ideea... on the other side.. as `Dj said above i don`t think this would help so much or not even make it better for undernet users.
Lets say.. lets just say this happends.. how much would you be willing to pay for a t-shirt saying Undernet on its front/back?
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Post by Sk8eR »

good ideea ... from where can i bui it ??
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Post by c0derz »

Well for one like Undernet is a non-profit org like it is who would gian profit out of it and who would reseve it?
not saying it is a bad idea, they should lots of peopl support Undernet , and enjoy chatting , they have helped us chat and make friends why not let people know what it is, i think, 8)
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Post by LordMike »

Well... the ideea isn't that original. Undernet wouldn't be the first IRC network to do this. Even phpBB, the most used board (the one we're now using) tried this. ([url]http://www.phpbb.com[/url])

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Post by Chunka »

Something similiar to this discussed before as far as I remember under the name of "Undernet Store" some tshirts, mugs etc. But I dont know to it now. Undernet is a non-profit organization and selling some stuff , playing with money in Network may couse problems.
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Post by zK »

Hehe, great Idea.. And while we're on it, maybe we can sell some "I'm with CService T-shirts", so others can throw rocks at us on the street too =)
I can already see when I'm wearing a Undernet T-shirt, people ask me on the street. So what's your nickname? And I say: "Well, I'm Surprised" and he goes.. "uuh, Surprised, the cservice trainee? I hate your guts!!" *jbaf* =)
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Post by mxxl »

5 year old+ users should get a free mug or something lol :wink:

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Post by DumbGirL »

Hey !!!!!
I already got an Undernet T-shirt and Im proud of wearing it.... wuts up with u people

Im gonna take a pic and show ya guys how nice it looks on me :lol: :lol:
Don't wowwy I won't scare u .....
The ideea is not that bad, we r proud of being part of Undernet , so ... thats a way of showing it ... right? or left?

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Post by puterfixer »

Undernet's "public relations" could post a large logo (in vectorial format) and some cool graphics with funny or exciting messages about Undernet, so people can download them, print them out on special paper and transfer them on t-shirts with an iron - although this will wash off in time. Even better, there are places where you can send them your logo or message and they print it on a t-shirt of your choice with rubber-like paint which will stay on the fabric for years (you will have to turn the t-shirt inside out to iron it). Some companies take orders online for t-shirts with predefined logos or messages, maybe they'll add one of Undernet's graphics and any of us could order online.

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Post by ZeroSlashe® »

yeah and put a tag on it saying "Wearing at own risk!"


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Post by tUtanKM0n »

Only admis, opers and helpers should wear the T-Shirts.. so people know who are they dealing with. :classic:

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Post by Razvanet »

Then i guess there is a chance smaller then 0.001% to see one in the streets of some city in this world !
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