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Undernet Servers...

Post by DopeKid »

Hi everyone I'm Dopekid from philippines. Am a regular chatter, am just wondering that why is it that even if im alone in the cafe i cant connect to IRC. It says that Too many connections from your host. Any suggestions or any reasons for me to know whats the cause of this?

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Post by truenitos »

try eu.undernet.org and us.undernet.org maybe lots of user in that internet cafe are using IRC and everyone have the same IP !
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Post by Spidel »

try changing the i-caffe you're used to connect from. probably as Truenos said all computers has the same ip.
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Post by xplora »

It's also possible that the staff of that cafe might be connected to undernet, as well as the cafe's computers are bound to have lots of viruses/etc and therefore are hacked to the hilt with drones an' such.
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Post by Stefanoo »

in some countries, people are connected via wireless or broadband or cable or whatever.. and these people use the same IP..
so just incase ur not in an internet cafe and wondering who else is connected from your host.. then ask your provider how many are connected..
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Post by Crosswing »

Didn't Undernet allow requests for I:lines from Internet Cafes? I remember reading this in a server's MOTD long ago, though, I'm not sure on it. :)
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