avoiding massbans

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avoiding massbans

Post by Sunger »

hey guys , these days kids are spreading all over undernet with their lame stuff (mass bans - floods - spam ...)
so what about admins/coders doing a commad /msg x setban #chan 10 (just chan founder can do it)
that for every 1 min every user is allowed to ban max 10 users, so that would help in avoiding mass bans,and the founder would directly remove his access after the ban.

i know that chan founder/managers should be open eyes on the access list and just give trusted ones, but there maybe some users acting that they are trusted and then they mass ban , or they may got a decode file from other user... , or a script mistake , so that would really help well.

finally think seriously about it , really it would help..


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Post by gemeau50 »

This subject has been debated many times in this forum. You can't put a ban limit on a operator fighting a flood attack. As for lamers enjoying the massban feature, there is only one solution: choose your operators properly.

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Post by Stefanoo »

or keep them below 75 access :)
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