Sugestion regarding /msg x invite <#chan>

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Sugestion regarding /msg x invite <#chan>

Post by thedukesd »

Let’s say I have access 100+ in 15 channels #chan1 #chan2 ... #chan15. To join immediately after connect the channels #chan11 #chan12 … #chan15 I have to use: /msg x invite #chan11 , … /msg x invite #chan15. I think it will be a good idea that a command like this /msg x invite #chan11 #chan12 #chan13 #chan14 #chan15 should work. Less X commands (one instead of five in my example) means less server stress :) .
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Post by truenitos »

or simple, enable the AUTO INVITE on X ON ! and X invite us to all channels you set automatic when you login... 100+ ... so we evade flood and that stuff like say: you need to wait 54236264 seconds to the next msg hahaha
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Post by xplora »

both of those are pretty good ideas, I like the first one myself better because you get to control it a little, ie with scripting, turn on auto-join on invite, then /msg x invite #chan1 ... #chan5, wait for join of last channel, and turn off autojoin on invite again, and you could stagger it for 10+ channels so that the joins don't flood you off, all with scripting.

Stagger because most clients do other checks of channels after a join so anythimg more than 10 at a time can be problematic, especially if any of those channels have more than 100+ users.

And I can already hear the coders complaining that X already has too much to do when you log in, and of course once you are logged in X wont ever send you an invite again. That too can be fixed, auto re-invite on part or something like that, which might be enough on its own, and possibly useful on troublesome channels, ie reg. op ops lamer, lamer kicks/bans reg. op, reg. op get automatically invited back by X, reg. op rejoins without having to unban or invite themselves back in ;)
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