If you are not using any scripts for /msg x@channels.und...

You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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If you are not using any scripts for /msg x@channels.und...

Post by Einstien »

If you are not using any scripts i suggest to use this
/alias login ./msg x@channels.undernet.org login $1 $?*="Password:"
then after that you will just type /login your-username. I suggest that to use esp. if you are in café.

Anyway there's lot ways on that but it's very long way unlike this it will be permanently use /login your-username

Suggestion only esp. on café users.

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Post by Mitko »

This thread has nothing to do with improving Undernet, and what you just mentioned is a mIRC alias and this does not apply to any other IRC client but mIRC. I see you are a new user on the forum, so I suggest you to read the [url=http://www.undernet.org/forumaup.php]Undernet Forum AUP[/url].

NOTE: that alias is no-way going to protect the password from keyloggers if there is any on the computer, or from malware if the computer is infected. This will just hide the password when you type it in mIRC. This is just protecting your password from someone who is behind you in the moment when you type it, that's all, nothing else.

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Dimitar Tnokovski aka Mitko

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Post by bogzillaq »

You do realise that ( for mirc) there is a much simpler way to hide your password from beeing seen by someone near you ? //.msg x@channels.undernet.org login <username> $?* will pop up an unname input window for the password ... I`m sure this isn`t nothing new :)