Invisible mode (X) by default and +x on connect

You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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not a good idea :) i have to agree with mitko on this one. You wont have the freedom of banning hosts/ips with this way because all the people are :) so you should use identd and username only for banning and that could be easily change :P the +x mode on connect we said before was not going to have any effect till you login to X... its just a way to hide your host even if you dont know the command to do so
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Atleast it will clean up the chan?

Look, i assume u all know better, why keep adding things instead of making combinations of what has been posted in the past weeks.
I didn't say it was a damn good idea i didn't say it was a damn bad idea, i just wanna show that if u combine posts and ideas u hopefully get 1 good one eventually which is usefull.

Besides, yes i agree, it sucks if clones/bots/virus infected clients get Unregistered.*. Then again i do not really see the use of having +x on autoconnect. Means people who don't want to use a * host they have to do -x, people who are not registered they don't even need +x, people who have vhosts and wanna show it off don't need it aswell.

If people want +x, go script or make a auto-perform or whatever client u use 2 get on IRC.

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TheAbyss wrote:Just an idea: What about set invisible on with X on all users the moment they register themselves by default.

That`s a brilliant ideea indeed, hope there will be someone willing to do that tho (: :wink:
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ZeroSlashe® wrote:Atleast it will clean up the chan?

And we'll have a full banlist everytime.There is already enough trouble with the spammers/flooders, no need to have to ban them twice.A simple perform will do the trick with mode +ix, together with a random nickname on connect.
Besides, if you were to register every single person on undernet with *, the database would be a complete mess.

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