What do you think about the new nickname length?

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What do you think about the new nickname length?

Post by `Dj »

As you all probably know the nickname length on Undernet has increased from 9 characters to 12. What do you think about this modification in the nickname length? Are you satisfied with it or do you think it was better before?
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Post by koola »

I don't think it matters that much.
For the guys who used to be one dalnet or other servers before it surely matters but for the hardcore undernet people it's not really like necessary i mean they probaly wont use it... (i think) cause they are used to 9 letter nicknames for such a long time and they have a nick and they usually don't change it.

Myself i don't use it ... got a 5 letter nick and it's just fine :)
But it is a good thing for all those whining people who kept asking about longer nick lenghts... :D

I think they should have kept it to the old 9 letters system =) makes them different from the other big servers ;)

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Post by ZeroSlashe® »

Personally i think it's nice and alright, but on the other hand it is quite annoying to see people using a full nick and just add "BRB / AWAY / BBL / BBS (etc.etc.etc.)" behind it, then i wonder: "Then what is the use of the 12 digit nickname?"

And maybe it's just me, but for eggdrops it's kinda like a pain in the butt too, all the adjustment settings and changing stuff...

Conclusion: it's alright, but Undernet is 9 digits

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Post by sysc »

more good.
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Post by t0xicity »

i prefer the 9 letters nickname system but i m not bothered :)
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Post by lemuel »

12 is ok.... you have lots of options

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Post by bogeyman »

Yeap i was so happy that i can have my nickname changed to HeavyMetal and it's taken :(. anyways i think 12 is okay

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Post by Jay`Z »

Yeah 12 is cool, I`ve seen a lot of people complaining about the 9 limit, hope now everyone will be happy :)
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Post by Razvanet »

I think 12 is better too...not that i use it but i'm sure i'll find it helpfull someday. :)
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Post by simba »

I think its nice , but is being used in stupid ways.

What is the point in having nick^away , nick^tv or nick^bath?

We have the /away function to tell people if we are away from IRC...

Just my thoughts.

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Post by sirAndrew »

I find it usefull as my nickname is 9 characters long and if it`s already taken i can add an ^, _, ` or any other character!
So it`s great!
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Post by Drkynes »

I would say almost everyone is happy about it. Isnt it?

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Post by wensu »

I think it's good, I can now change my nick to wensu-usnew to annoy the dyslexic irc chatters :)

- wensu

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Post by toenvy »

i think its better with the new 12 character nicknames gives users more options :)
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Post by K8oard »

simba wrote:I think its nice , but is being used in stupid ways.

What is the point in having nick^away , nick^tv or nick^bath?

We have the /away function to tell people if we are away from IRC...

Just my thoughts.

I really agree with simba, having 12 chars is like having more options for kids to spread their childish attitude having several nicknames starting from their main nickname with 5-7 chars or more... and after they can add more and more extra chars such as: ` ^ - _ | [ { bla bla bla, which I really find it so annoying...

I`m into accurate nicknames... clear nicknames, not all those things added to the nickname, I really find them useless...

My thought...
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