Revive our network

You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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Revive our network

Post by Bastty »

UnderNET Chat will be a free Facebook application that you can run it quickly to your PC/Phone to enable you to talk with your Facebook friends.
It enables you to chat with your FB friends in a much larger chat ROOMs/WINDOW than that the standard FB chat provides. Each day, over 1.000 people can run UnderNET Chat APPLICATION. With UnderNET Chat APPLICATION we will revive our network. There will be some pros and cons for UnderNET Chat.

I was trying to attach a pick with application scheme but I see I can`t do it.
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Post by adonscott »

You make an app. then send it to us so we can try it.. :)

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Post by wensu »

Try again! :)
- wensu

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