www.channelname.undernet.org ?

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www.channelname.undernet.org ?

Post by Garp »

Wouldn't it be great if the channels with an 'official' homepage could be reachable as http://www.channelname.undernet.org?

As far as I know it is easy to manage. Undernet's webserver "just" needs a editable vhost.conf with entries where the request is directed to the 'real' homepage of the channel.

A little, nifty tool for applying and reporting about broken links would make this additional service perfect.

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Post by maxx »

what about abuse? i guess every body will want to have a web page for his channel but undernet is big.
maybe http://www.channelname.undernet.org should be for official undernet channels..
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Post by Homer »

all the Official Channels have their own undernet website, #Help - [url]http://help.undernet.org[/url] #CService - [url]http://cservice.undernet.org[/url] #Userguide - [url]http://user-com.undernet.org[/url] thats all that i can remember for now.
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Post by Patry »

That is a so bad idea Garp. Plus, only Undernet's committees or "official" channels get the undernet.org web alias. Correcting your previous post, LordChris, User Committee's website is [url]http://www.user-com.undernet.org[/url]. You can then find a section in the menu called #UserGuide, which is a project from this committee. Topic is now locked.
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