Undernet needs some rules over IRCOPS ...

You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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Undernet needs some rules over IRCOPS ...

Post by bellea »

Yes, Undernet does need some kinda rule so they could control Ircops ...
There is need for an official Undernet IrcOperator guide really

Just look what happened in my channel ... when a silly ircop has been tricked by some lammers
I wasnt online at the time ... it looks like Hjuler wasnt either

[20:09:08] <HjuleR> and who is the once that has ops?
[20:09:31] * Omu (~lorena@ Quit (G-lined ([3] Takeover bots))
[20:09:31] * Caterinca (~lorena@ Quit (G-lined ([3] Takeover bots))
[20:09:31] * Tx (~lorena@ Quit (G-lined ([3] Takeover bots))
[20:09:41] <SaTaN`X> bots..
[20:09:55] * belea (~belea@monroe.cs.uic.edu) Quit (G-lined ([2] Takeover bots))
[20:09:56] <shockulet> HjuleR we want caine to have op
[20:10:09] * Prastie (~lorena@71.193-200-80.adsl.skynet.be) Quit (G-lined ([4] Takeover bots))
[20:10:10] * cnitv (~lorena@uuu.users.undernet.org) Quit (G-lined ([4] Takeover bots))
[20:10:18] * wsr (~LIL-BE@WSR.users.undernet.org) has joined #vianu
[20:10:51] * XtotheZ (~Sorin@XtotheZ.users.undernet.org) Quit (G-lined ([1] Takeover bots))
[20:10:56] <kya_> ce tare
[20:11:04] * Princeton.NJ.US.Undernet.Org sets mode: +o caine

And now im trying to get my op back and nobody would help me ...
+ I can not find Hjuler!!!

I sent logs to abuse@undernet.org ... lets see what's gonna change

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Post by YounGun »

Ok, let's see :

(~lorena@ Quit (G-lined ([3] Takeover bots))
(~lorena@ Quit (G-lined ([3] Takeover bots))
(~lorena@ Quit (G-lined ([3] Takeover bots))

these connections have every carateristic of a potential bot: no ident , same ip...

next ..

(~lorena@71.193-200-80.adsl.skynet.be) Quit (G-lined ([4] Takeover bots)
(~lorena@uuu.users.undernet.org) Quit (G-lined ([4] Takeover bots))

see anything similar? :o
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Post by sysc »

Join #zt if you don't a get reply from abuse committiee but they are really fast.

Good luck.
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Post by OUTsider »

Sorry to disappoint you, but I know HJuler for many years now, and he certainly knows what he is doing.
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Post by Windu »

The only problem that I can think of is that caine isn't the real manager. The g-lines are OK.As OUTsider said.. HjuleR knows what he is doing.

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Post by OUTsider »

What hjuler did in this case is use the good old objection method. Meaning as long as noone objects the mode requested will be performed. So if you had a problem with his decision, then you should have stated so in the channel when he was working in it. You didn't... Your problem... End of story...
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Post by tony^o_o^ »

No. i love the way some ircops are. one time i was on my botnet channel on Undernet. I put my bots on this guys channel. i made them join then i reported his channel as a "drone channel" and right away they remove X and this guy had to register his channel again :))

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Post by DumbGirL »

That's something to be proud about ........ :roll:

I think that IRCops are doing a great job
and that they are just fine as they are
It's true that it's hard to find them and they hide too much from users but hey , must be hard for them too :)

I am pretty happy with the IRCops jobs
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Post by LordPimp »

I read the previous posts, and I have to applaud some IRCOps who work very hard and do help the users as much as possible. But like all organisations that have volunteer workers there is a lack of management. Management is what UnderNet lacks. For example,

#nastrand, #arlington #zt - Three IRCOp channels. If your blacklisted in #arlington you still get help in #zt or #nastrand. There should be one system, you are after all a team, you are UnderNet.

Second problem is the report-abuse time is too long and sometimes users dont get replies. You can split this up into two main catagories. SpamBots & Drones/Emechs. There are probably others, but there... not that important.

Thirdly, you have a huge userbase with users from all around the world. CService did a good job in having its command files in different languages. UnderNet should do the same. UserClasses should be taught in multiple languages.

These are just brief ideas, and some may argue why its necessary to implement them or its too time consuming, however if you start now, and you suceed, then you saving yourself trouble that one day you will have to tackle and solve.

Since im an operator in a big channel #karachi we get virtually all sorts of abuse. It would be interesting to work with UnderNet, if they help us and we help them to solve the drones and spam problems then our achievements will trickle down to the smaller channels, who get small spam compared to us. But the longer its left, the more worse it becomes.

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Post by LordPimp »

Ahh one thing I forgot. Have an open discussion. Invite all the users to join a channel and discuss this. Failing to plan is plaining to fail!

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Post by simba »

abuse@undernet.org is your friend.

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