Become a Moderated Network

You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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Become a Moderated Network

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Become a Moderated Network
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A very big "NO".

For the simple reason that "illegal stuff" is impossible to define. What you are asking for is some kind of "censorship-com" that decides which channels/users are allowed... And each channel they decide to close for whatever reason is going to cause a lot of whine or worse.
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very big YES
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very big "YES".
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I agree but as optimistically as your post sounds, Undernet will not change the unmoderated policy. I would definitely want to see all illegal channels 'closed' as you do.
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Spidel wrote:I agree but as optimistically as your post sounds, Undernet will not change the unmoderated policy. I would definitely want to see all illegal channels 'closed' as you do.
Like my father used to say. When the company is not caring enough to go with the employees's votes, its time to change the boss. and if you can't change the boss. start up a new company.
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If is something important and beautiful for our servers lets change, why not.

A very big YES

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YES :)
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In the first place i want to say hello to all who post & write on the Forum

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But my question for him is : "You put allot of accent on the +Dd and other modes" for channel protections . But how about the SYN and UDP flood , that the users and the servers receive ? What about them .. who's gonna fix this problem ? The modes ?

And beside if u close a channel , they don't care .. They run special private ircd's , loaded with bots for FLOOD. How can u stop that ? Or who can stop that ?

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Definitely YES

Allowing/tolerating illegal activity in your Network/Server equals encouraging illegal activity.
If you allow people to do illegal things in your network then you are providing them place for their illegal activities and that makes you equally bad.
Stating in MOTD or RULES that illegal activity is forbidden but actually not doing anything to shut down channels with sole purpose of illegal activity is ALLOWING illegal activity.

If you don't want drugdealers run their business from the apartment building that you manage/own then why are you okay with them running their business from the IRC servers that you manage/own?

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well, i vote Yes, but doubt anything will ever come of it
There are 4538 users and 44493 invisible on 23 servers
i easily remember when it used to be over 120,000+, either way the only people that will remain here is the illegal channels/trading/etc and the old school boys who will never leave, either way i`ll be here untill the last server /squit's...

as for shutting the channels down, it will be pretty easy.. /gchan , just like #linuxsex and other channels have been, but anyway, doubt it'll happen and i doubt the powers that be will even be reading this..