Idea for Undernet WebSite

You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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Idea for Undernet WebSite

Post by SirLinux »

Hello There :D

You need a change on the undernet website .. a new banner or something .. because when we go to sleep we dream the undernet old school banner hehehe ...
So the suggestion is about Help on undernet :
- on undernet is too hard to join on help channels ( for begginers ) , so my ideea is to create a new section with Live "tickets" and there the begginers can post his questions/problems , when the "begginer" is helped the "ticket" can be deleted .. i think is more easy for the helpers/admins ..

Ok Cheers

SirLinux :devil:

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Post by MrEen »

Umm, if a beginner can't figure out how to join a help channel, how should they be expected to know to go to a web site to ask their questions?

I'm sorry, but it seems like you're trying to create a solution where there is no problem.
The bigger fish.

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Post by SirLinux »

was just an ideea :) nothing more ..

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Post by Revival »

Hey Sirlinux,

Thank you for your time to sharing your opinions/ideas with us here to get undernet up. *Personaly* I liek your idea, But undernet has alot of volunteered helpers than needed, and there is no any delay with the X help in *IRC* so people should visit #Cservice when needed.

Additonaly; If time is matter, and they doesn't receive answers on the questions in #Cservice due to idling or the problem is not resolved in the wanted time, then they can POST their questions\problems on the FORMS and read the answers\instruction at their earliest convenience. FORUMS are the best place for the beginners to participating.

If they don't even have time to check the answers, then they can mailing to cservice[at]

I just considered the Cservice for answer, no idea about the other help channels.