X Usernames upgrade

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X Usernames upgrade

Post by batranul »

I know it might be a lot of work, and you might not be very happy about this idea, but since the CService webpage is down, again, maybe you should consider offering the option to register a username directly through the IRC network to new users. It would be a friendlier approach since new users don't always have the possibility to register a username.

As an alternative, you could consider a general mask for all users, like "standard.users.undernet.org", for those that simply can't make a username because of the restrictions, maybe alter a bit the +x mode in IRCU... well I'm sure you can think of more solutions since you are far more experienced. That would have a very powerful effect on the general security of each user and of the network as a hole.

I hope you will consider my suggestions and not dismiss them from the start. There is great potential in the network, it would be a shame to waste it.

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Post by xplora »

CService has no control over the +x feature, and as for username registration over IRC, I'm afraid that will never happen. Sorry.

I have also moved the topic to a more appropriate board.
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