Make avatar photos

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Make avatar photos

Post by asel »

When you enter on mirc you see only nickname.. nickname... topic.. bla bla..
Way irc don`t have a simple avatar photo for example for nicknames? :)
I don`t think it`s easy to make this but it`s just a simple improve.

The mirc is`t the same old program and we don`t see any improve like new sharing files (not dcc) or webcam, sound chatting and other thinks.
I don`t think is they add few services will be other problems, but will be more intresting for new users and for old to.

Is very good to have x bot and a lot off commands, but way always to learn peoples to use bots.. and so and so.. way it`s not a browser, or a program witch have implementet this commands with a simple help files or a help note for all the commands to be more easy to use it for any new user witch come on the irc chat server.

Everyone use browser to navigate on the internet, i see the webcat browser for mirc but i think this can be improve to by webdevelopers.

This is just a suggestion.

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Post by Crys »

It is quite impossible to create "avatar photos" and to actually see one's picture when doing /whois (speaking about IRC), this happens because all the IRC clients are based on character communication, such as words, letters, and so on, so, if you're referring to adding avatars to people connected on IRC all you can get is a character-based photo, I can give you an example of a character-based photo when connecting on a server, after doing that just issue /motd and most of the servers have a character-based logo. Anyhow, adding a character-based photo would be a real big pain for some coders because it would have to totally reconsider the way that IRC clients have been programmed. So, in conclusion, it's impossible. (A more simpler way to doing this is explained in the next lines)
Referring on the fact of adding photos to users when they connect on UnderNET's webchat ... well that's quite impossible too, this could happen BUT, here comes the problem I've explained above: regular IRC client users will not be able to see the photo(s), why? Simple: it is not a character-based photo.
A good solution for adding "avatars" would be the add of a link on everyone's whois which redirects to the user's avatar, but, it's hard to do and believe me, a lot of people would abuse of this setting and, in conclusion, it would be useless.

example of what I said above:
`Crys is * just a simple kiddo
`Crys on #class
`Crys using * The Undernet Underworld
`Crys is logged in as Crys
`Crys has an avatar at:
`Crys has been idle 12mins 5secs, signed on Thu Jun 18 11:30:30
`Crys End of /WHOIS list.

-- BUT it would be RATHER difficult and useless :)
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Post by xplora »

this would be a client feature, not a server feature, therefore you should perhaps post this suggestion on mIRC's forums, not undernet's. fyi, Ircle does have this feature, ircle call's it faces. (Ircle is a Macintosh irc client.)
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