Welcome puterfixer!

You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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Welcome puterfixer!

Post by Eenie »

Welcome as a moderator to the forum, puterfixer! I know you have a great deal of experience with forums and am very happy to have you here with us in your new role. You have been on Undernet for many years now and a great asset to help channels and to this forum as a user.

Welcome aboard!


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Post by puterfixer »

Thanks for the kind words, Eenie :) I hope my contribution to Undernet as a forum moderator will be good for the site. I'll do my best to serve the community and assure that everyone has a great time here. They don't call me Lamer Exterminator for nothing ;)

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Post by evi|one »

Those posts bring a tear to the eye...

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Post by Talyn »

Congrats, puterfixr! You've earned it :)

Do us proud and Exterminate those Lamers! lol :o

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Post by Kahr »

Congrats, putefixer. :wink:

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Post by Bay »

Hurrah for puterfixer!

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Post by kN_ »

congratulations, puterfixer!

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Post by Dude »

Yeah you cool man. But you should NOT forget about your home country. We had gread leaders in the past, you know.. lol
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Post by puterfixer »

Thank you, everyone :)

Dude, my home country is Internetica, formerly known as Democratic Republic of Internet. Given my skills, I'm pretty sure I could be an excellent dictator in any country :rambo: