Adding memos to Undernet Usernames

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Adding memos to Undernet Usernames

Post by MartYanu2 »

Hi folks,

What about implementing memos to Usernames? I'm trying for months to reach someone and I never do
Something like: /msg X memo <username> <message>
And when the username logs in, it will recive: -X- You have one memo from <username> <message_here>
When the memo is sent, X can notice the user who sent it about the memo that it recived, like: -X- Your memo for <username> have been reached by destination.
I'm trying to get some best answers from proper persons that are in charge for that (coders)
And no, notify is not a good solution, what if that person who I'm trying to reach logs in with another nickname?

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Post by xplora »

Annoyingly such a system would get abused, especially when you already have a better option called email. :(

Also a common reason for connecting and logging in with a different nick is to defeat notify systems, a memo system would of course also defeat that, since then someone you don't want to have messages from would have a way to get hold of you.

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