+nt channels modes set on join

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+nt channels modes set on join

Post by K8oard »

This ideea cames when I have connected to Efnet earlier before, even a lot of You guyz knows that already, maybe is on proceess to add it to all Undernet network servers IRCu version. The ideea is to set an automatic channel modes ( +nt ) like ( $server sets mode +o $nick ) is better to add those 2 commands aswell, cause these 2 commands are the most important channel modes into an "established" channel... anyway I believe if Undernet will do that will save the beginners about the strugle that most of them might have when others are playing with them... I know that a lot of You, maybe will ask the users to type: /help and read in there, and this thread becomes useless, but I`m just trying to make Undernet network such easy network to hang with... for everybody, not such a few of us.
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Post by Yen »

Good idea ;-)

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Post by cnix »

dont really see the point in adopting minor ircd-hybrid methods. this topic is also in the wrong place, try the coder forum.
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