Undernet 1st Anti-Cancer Event

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Undernet 1st Anti-Cancer Event

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Dear users,
the 1st Undernet Anti-Cancer Event is a fact!

Time: 18:00 GMT
Date: October, 24th, 2003
Place: #Anti-Cancer

Guest: Dr. Stathis Mihalopoulos, Director of an anti-cancer clinic center in Greece and Vice-President of Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.

Subscribe to our mailing list-> anti-cancer-memorial-chan@bostonchannel.org

thanks to...
- crosss (Richard Cross) who had provided us his website's webspace to setup our mailing list.
- simba who have permitted us to place a banner on undernet.org
- Windu for gathering the questions and for the general assistance
- specialy to xplora who have setup a bot for the event.
Stefano Sordini