You can post in here ideas and comments on how you think we could improve things on undernet.
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I have a suggestion for ircu's next release, don't modify the ircd for this, but, simply add a module, which does hostmasking. +x is only good for users who have registered usernames. I was thinking something like +X on connect, to protect users who don't have psybnc/hostmask to hide their real ip's from attackers. This would make Undernet a known 'safe' place to chat. I find every morning I come on after a long night's sleep, 20 users ping out in a few hour duration, and I also get knocked offline. I hide behind psybnc, but I don't think it's enough. :) I am just looking out for the greater good of Undernet. I came here a few years ago, not knowing anyhting about ircu/gnuworld, but this place has taught me alot, and well, I would like to see it's growth continue, and others who predecease me learn as well. It would benefit Undernet majorly. Some users claim it most likely will never happen, but it's something worth checking into. I support the idea, as do others who are apart of the Undernet chat network. Like Obama says, 'Now is a time for Change'. :) A network full of happy users is just as good as it's energetic staff who decide, 'lets make this place a more safer network to chat on for our userbase'.

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But apparently Obama failed to keep his promises, so far he didn't brought any change.
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