New project and new User-com channel #Translate

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New project and new User-com channel #Translate

Post by vivianlee »

I would like to welcome #translate into the user-com fold. #Translate is available to help anyone anywhere with tranlations. Now they are an official User Committee channel. Stop by and meet them sometime.

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Post by LetaL »

We should add that the User Committee already had the Translators project. #Translate has come in our help to replace this old project.

Welcome guys!
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Post by Silvereds »

Glad to be here. :thumbsup:
We'll do our best keeping it on track, and why not getting the Undernet better (which was our first wish)

It came out good, since we didn't think Undernet has so many people joining, from all around the world, and it was very nice (we've met a lot of nice people) to get the translators at the languages we translate from

I'm saying this from my side and on the behalf of #translate channel, a thank you to all the people who gave trust to the project, the ones promoting us over the Undernet, the great team of translators, that got #translate here, and people that supported it in all this time. We will always be greatful, and also we will do all our best.

Founder of #translate

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Post by [Eminem] »

Hurray! :thumbsup: :satisfied:

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Post by xplo »

:) :) :) :) Keep up the good work :) :) :) :)
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Post by AgentZed »

these are great news,now that i`m there too,it`s really an honour being a member of the crew :D
This channel deserved this "promotion" :)

Welcome to Earth!

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Post by Rufus »

good job Silvered ( and the entire team ) .

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Post by xplo »

keep up the good work :)
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Post by Puck7 »

There hasn't been a word about #translate for almost a year now, so let me say a couple of things, since lots changed, and maybe some would like to know, and i bet there are lots of users who still don't know what is translate about.

#Translate was formed in January 2007, by Silvered, in august that year, it became an official UUC channel. Today #translate is one of the most active UUC projects, with support of 23 languages (soon extending to 25). The languages are:

Albanian, Arabic, Danish, English, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Macedonian, Maldivian, Maltese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Urdu.

These languages have active translators on the channel who are giving help day by day, and making the project advance more. Each language can be translated to English and vice-versa.

In June #translate made a new internal project, called Translate Answers, which is an offline way for people to ask for help in translations. A website has been built by Miguel, he coded this from 0, so he did an awesome job. The website is : and anyone can help with the translations.

More informations about #translate, it's purpose and it's crew can be found on

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Post by MrEen »

And their link from Undernet pages (when you learn how to "fix" the link) takes you to a blog that really has nothing to do with Undernet other than an article that references what Undernet hasn't thought about.