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The main thing a comunity needs is organisation and good will. If the administrators are unable for objective reasons to continue their work someone else should be elected in their place, or for the period the current administration cannot perform it`s tasks.

However i bet there are many many young talented individuals(among i place myself) that can and want to help you in making the committe, the channel and the network a better place. You only have to ask, because as i see it your application system is as the whole committe at a turning point and it`s not a priority at the moment.

You advice your guests to politely ask for help when their are in need of it and as i see it UserGuide and User-com is in need of serious help right now. The solution as i see it can be to promote your current trusted members who know how things go around the committe and to accept all the help you can get from wisely selected volunteers....
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Post by Patry »

The User Committee administration does what needs to be done. Lot of reasons (that I will avoid listing again) made the committee look inactive for the past couple of months. User-Com is in major reconstruction. Our current motto: step by step. With the few members active, let's be realistic, we can NOT revive all projects at the same time. We will work on the principal, which are #Class, Newsletter and #UserGuide.

If you are interested in participating in the projects previously mentioned. Let us know on the appropriated section of the forum or send an e-mail to the list.
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