Undernet New Year - 2012

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Undernet New Year - 2012

Post by chalcedony »

The Undernet User-Committee needs your help! Please take a few moments to think back over the last twelve months. What events do you remember? Are they personal or of International importance, are any about IRC?

Write or type all of the events you can think of, in no particular order, and paste your list below.

When we have enough, if we get enough, we will make games with them to play in our Super Special channel * #new-year * You are welcome to join!

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Post by leaw »

Well, I remember when people sends a message to opers for greeting irc clients about new year.

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Post by sirAndrew »

Happy New Year Linda and everyone on Undernet!

May 2013 be prosperous and overall better than the previous we say goodbye to today!

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Post by BuhBye »

Wishing you a new year,
That brings luck and prosperity,
Fills your home with joy and spirit,
Happy New Year Underneters!

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Post by WildMan »

Well there was so many events in the past 12th months that maybe i`ll miss some of them . what i am remeber is that this year Undernet Irc Network was again by our side helping us to enjoy the network and have fun!!

International Events this year ... Lodon Olympic Games 2012 <---- Undernet helped us by creating #olympics channel another User-Committee great work !!!
A Funny but verry discussed "event" The end of the world 21/12/12 well another event who was brought by #class members who made a class session about it alot of opinions some of them verry useful :P)
Rover Curiosity lands on Mars successfully and many more !!!

Personal Events: i was able to be around this wonderful IRC Network chating with great ppl and with my friends.

as you see all majors events from all over the world was brought to us by special users/network officials .

My Best Wishies for all those who made this IRC Network be a wonderful place and for those who lead it !!!

New Days, New Time, New Moments
Ahead Are Waiting For You, May
These 365 Days Light Up Your Life,
Happy New Year.