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posted mails to user-com@ or uc-recruit@

Post by sixsix »

Hi there,

Every mail that comes to is been responsible personally by me, and if they are for applications for userguide they are directly fowarded to so that they are responded as rapidly as possible.

So people can mail or as well, and i can have for you a tracking of your particular case.

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Post by Dooku »

I have send a e-mail there 3 months ago and nothing ! nothing ! no yea ok we will look on it or neaaa we don't need that . that ... well... suks ? :devil:
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Post by cArLiLLoS »

SRT rulez ! :P

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Post by Banjo »

As with so many other projects coming alive with the revival of User-Com, our Userguide/Ug-Training Project has followed in suite. We are gaining new trainees in our training program, we also are seeing our channel, #userguide, come alive again with many more active people, users coming back to ask questions,, people coming in to see how we do things and are rethinking how we can make it better as we go.

Remember, this channel is for helping users with their questions, which when a user comes in asking a question, we ask that any and ALL conversations stop till that user is answered to their satisfaction by our members and the one who starts with them finish and not other members comfusing them by talking over or around their answes! Plus ONLY our members are allowed to answer them unless you are asked by a member, such as a language barrier which we will help with, along with them as long as we know what is being said in advance. It is also the ONLY project in User-Com that we require you go through our training program first before you are allowed to join as a full member and answer in the channel, for the very reason we are dealing with users live on Undernet and want them answered correctly by the way we do things.

We hope to see people in the channel learning and watching, for that is how the basis of what we do is devoloped in getting new trainees involved in our program. Which also we will be setting new things in place to amplify our project in a way we hope will attract new people wanting to join us. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to email us off our web site and we will gladly answer any and all questions you have.

All said and done about our project, is watch for some great new things to happen within our Undernet Project as we have many things about to make us great again. :D

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Post by Stefanoo »

Dooku wrote:I have send a e-mail there 3 months ago and nothing ! nothing ! no yea ok we will look on it or neaaa we don't need that . that ... well... suks ? :devil:
/me lol
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Post by MartYanu2 »

Too old! : o)

The users should start posting here, it is NOT a dead threat!

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Post by bozzolino »

Sure thing Martyanu :) It`s not dead .. let`s call it sleepy ok? :classic:
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Glad to see you're bringing this section back to life, guys!

Carlos, where are you??! :pirate:

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Post by LetaL »

hum... How does this thing work? :D
Let's do some... what do you guys call it... POSTING, yeah.

First of all I'd like to welcome everybody (back) in the project, new/old members/trainees! I believe we can make use of this thread and answer users' questions in here, also have open discussions regarding this project, accept suggestions/opinions from everyone who has something to say.
We are, after all, for the USERS.

So good luck everyone! Let this new beginning be the last! heh
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Post by Qxygen »

I must agree that UG has made a great job, specially with all the classes and the training of it's members.. keep up the good work :)

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Post by vivianlee »

So lets bring all the user-com threads to life.... comments about any of the projects? We all know how things have changed in recent months online for the User Committee, let's carry it here.

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Post by xplo »

[color=red]You are soooo Right[/color]

[url=]#UserGuide[/url] IS the best friendliest help chann on the Undernet
and if you can find a better chann then this to get your desired help well, your Dreaming :)
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Post by Eenie »

Em3r1c4 stated:
#UserGuide IS the best friendliest help chann on the Undernet
and if you can find a better chann then this to get your desired help well . please post it in here :p
Em3r1c4: not a good idea. That would be considered spam, and we don't allow that on this forum.

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Post by xplo »

? spamming a channel name in his OWN tread ..... this should go in a funny screen shots section or something cauz its hillarious,, cauz look ...

What is spam?
Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Most spam is commercial advertising, often for dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes, or quasi-legal services. Spam costs the sender very little to send -- most of the costs are paid for by the recipient or the carriers rather than by the sender.

There are two main types of spam, and they have different effects on Internet users. Cancellable Usenet spam is a single message sent to 20 or more Usenet newsgroups. (Through long experience, Usenet users have found that any message posted to so many newsgroups is often not relevant to most or all of them.) Usenet spam is aimed at "lurkers", people who read newsgroups but rarely or never post and give their address away. Usenet spam robs users of the utility of the newsgroups by overwhelming them with a barrage of advertising or other irrelevant posts. Furthermore, Usenet spam subverts the ability of system administrators and owners to manage the topics they accept on their systems.

Email spam targets individual users with direct mail messages. Email spam lists are often created by scanning Usenet postings, stealing Internet mailing lists, or searching the Web for addresses. Email spams typically cost users money out-of-pocket to receive. Many people - anyone with measured phone service - read or receive their mail while the meter is running, so to speak. Spam costs them additional money. On top of that, it costs money for ISPs and online services to transmit spam, and these costs are transmitted directly to subscribers.

One particularly nasty variant of email spam is sending spam to mailing lists (public or private email discussion forums.) Because many mailing lists limit activity to their subscribers, spammers will use automated tools to subscribe to as many mailing lists as possible, so that they can grab the lists of addresses, or use the mailing list as a direct target for their attacks.


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Post by Eenie »

OK, Em3r1c4 let's re-open a 6-month old post.

Apparently you did not understand what I said. When people join channels on Undernet and post things like: "Join #XXX, It's the BEST Channel!!!" we consider that spamming a channel, and we don't tolerate it.

You were asking people to post the names of channels that they considered "better" than the one you posted. People posting here on the Forum along the same vein would be the same.

YOUR posting,
#UserGuide IS the best friendliest help chann on the Undernet
in THIS thread is not what I was suggesting was spam.
if you can find a better chann then this to get your desired help well . please post it in here :p
Inviting others to post their channels in here, was what I was referring to. That is just inviting people to spam their channels here.

Now, can we calm down and just get along? ;-)


P.S. Just some advice: If you are going to copy word by word what is stated on another site, it is a good thing to quote them or get permission to use their words.
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