X flood problem

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X flood problem

Post by abisi »

-X- Flood me will you? I'm not going to listen to you anymore. problem

X gnore disaple command ??

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Post by Xaifas »

means you over used X in a small ammount of time... Youl have to wait till the ignore is gone.
To find out how much time you got: ask an friend to use /msg x showignore

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Post by See »

As a little note for you abisi and also to complete Xaifas`s answer - the ignore lasts for 60 minutes ( 1 hour ).
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Post by abisi »

From my own server with X, how can we turn off the ingore from X or how can we fix this quickly?
How can we adjust this setting?

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Post by Revival »

That's a dejavu, His questions under coder-com section is all related to his own server. Consider it like that.

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Post by KnOppIx_ »

i have same problem on my server how to fix the problem
when they try to login he ignore them how to disable or fix tthis

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Post by xplora »

Using the default settings an admin can remove an ignore with /msg x remignore *!*~userid@host.set

as for how to change it, there is probably a setting somewhere for it, but I wouldn't know where to look.
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Post by Pilgrim »

Check your cservice.conf file and increase your flood_duration value (which default is 30).
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