The judge problem

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The judge problem

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Traffic expire ??

the judge instal
linux:/root# cd /home/gnuworld/gnuworld/doc/cmaster/
linux:/home/gnuworld/gnuworld/doc/cmaster# cp -rp regproc/ /usr/local/pgsql/
linux:/home/gnuworld/gnuworld/doc/cmaster# chown -R gnuworld /usr/local/pgsql/regproc/
linux:/home/gnuworld/gnuworld/doc/cmaster# su - gnuworld
edit /usr/local/pgsql/regproc/appjudge-config
linux:/home/gnuworld$ chmod 755 /usr/local/pgsql/regproc/appjudge

linux:/home/gnuworld$ crontab /usr/local/pgsql/regproc/ example appjudge-config please