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Post by Ghostyz »

i would like to install the svsnick command on ircu2.10.11.07 if anyone has a wget link for a tar.gz including this command, please tell me. thanks

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Post by Alexik »

it is not a default command in ircu :) maybe writing a patch for it could know, there isn't a .tar.gz file for everything that comes up your mind :)
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Post by sirAndrew »

if i remember right svsnick was on beware ircd....not sure though...but i`m pretty sure ircu didn`t have this.
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Post by Mitko »

Unreal IRCd has it too, so if you know how to code or at least to learn some basics (and obviously you don't since you ask this kind of question) you can make your svsnick dream come true.

Good luck.
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