Survey about coders.

Ask your questions about ircu and GNUWorld, share your ideas, and help the coders in their work.
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Survey about coders.

Post by Ghostyz »

I want to to know, how is it to be a coder? it must be hard since you don't get paid for what you do (i think so, correct me if im wrong :) and there's a lot of work in writing a ircu and a gnuworld. you guys are doing a great job. you keep networks alive :) by qwirting the ircu's. thank you undernet coders!
P.S.: who wrote the first ircu and what features did it have? :P

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Post by Daltocli »

I hate to moan, but Undernet Coder-Com maintain *AN* IRCu, not multiple... Same with GNUworld.

There are variations of IRCu, but as far as I'm aware, they are not maintained by Coder-Com itself.

As for "Networks", you a plural where it doesn't apply. Other people may use IRCu, so in a sense it "keeps them alive", but Undernet itself is singular in a network-sense.

How exactly is this a "survey" anyhow? There has been no topic set or options to choose from... Just a very fractured-english paragraph with too many wrongly used plurals... No sign of a survey here...
~ Daltocli

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Post by Wolfyx »

You know [Ghosty], you're not FORCED to post, especially when you're in a total lack of ideas for interesting topics.
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