Problem running GNUworld

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Problem running GNUworld

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When I ./gnuworld -c -f GNUWorld.conf &, i get this error:

*** [CMaster]: Attempting to make PostgreSQL connection to:; Database Name: cservice
*** [CMaster]: Connection established to SQL server.
*** [CMaster::loadTranslationTable]: Loaded 19 languages.
*** [CMaster::loadTranslationTable]: Loaded 2708 translations.
*** [CMaster::loadHelpTable]: Loaded 964 help messages.
*** [CMaster::preloadChannelCache]: Loading all registered channel records:
*** [CMaster::preloadChannelCache]: Done. Loaded 162 registered channel records.
*** [CMaster::preloadBanCache]: Precaching Bans table:
*** [CMaster::preloadBanCache]: Done. Loaded 372 bans.
*** [CMaster::preloadLevelCache]: Precaching Level table:
*** [CMaster::preloadLevelCache]: Done. Loaded 2738 level records out of 2738.
*** [CMaster::preloadUserCache]: Loading users accounts logged in within 1 days :
*** [CMaster::preloadUserCache]: Done. Loaded 0 user accounts.
cservice::OnAttach::sqlQuery> DELETE FROM webnotices WHERE created_ts < now()::abstime::int4 - 600)
cservice::OnAttach> Unable to empty webnotices table, not checking webnotices.
Unable to retrieve time from postgres server!

What can i do to fix thix?