protect nickname !

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protect nickname !

Post by genethic »

hello, i propose you to create a new commande to protect nickname but only masters on channels /msg x set protect on
-X-your nickname is protected ,this is a good commande because if master don't haev psybnc the nickname is protected by cs because if i am disconncet or other personnes disconnect nickname is appartened of larmers and number of lamers on undernet is very big !

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Post by Zargawee »

That Will Be A Great Command , Becuase Some Poeple Get Nicks Of Users They Don't Even Have.
Ans Some Poeple Just Use The nick T Swear In Channels , And Get The Popele With That Nickname Banned From There.

That's What always Happens To Me :(
... You'll Never Know !

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Post by Nu-Hir »

On the Undernet, no one owns any nick. It's kind of like real life. There's a lot of people named Bob, or Steve. But it's what your friends call you that makes you differnet. If the nick you want is already taken, choose another one that's likely to not get taken. What Undernet does offer is username registration. With this, you can mask your host so that your host shows up as <username> If you can't get the nick you've always wanted, maybe you can get the username.

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Post by JeepC77 »

Plus that one can decide to change the nick for as many times you want, so in this chaos the username is the point you can refere. It's the 'standard', the one name that authentificates us, no matter all the nicks in the world you can decide to wear. The username makes the nickname what a nickname should be: a name that you decide to wear, a name that suites the mood you have in a day.

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Post by dcnblues »

Also, bans work on the username/hostname.domain mask principle, not just the nickname. So if someone copped your nick and then went on a "spew spree" .. they'd get banned, not you. Now, you might have to put up with a bit of bile when you got your nick back... but selecting and logging into X with a username does allow you to be 'identified'... that's where your real identity lies, not the nickname.

/me thinks changing nicks is fun, not to abuse, just messing around. Doesn't change who he is though... :devil:
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Post by GeStaPo »

I think that IDEA of genethic
is very very good and coder-com most make that komand like "NickServ"
who protect your nick...That will be very very good !!!
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Post by Napoleon »

With registration you lose choices, most of the good nicknames are already taken and you lose freedom.

Napoleon @ Undernet
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Post by OUTsider »

<rude remark> If you favour this command, then type /server</rude remark>

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Post by wensu »

Better still own some korean/chinese boxes and load psy's and give them to all your romainian friends.

Then out of the 100k in users we can safely say we have 20k psy's.

How joyful.

- wensu
- wensu

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Post by mcengiz »

That's what make Undernet different, freedom of nicknames, as long as you register a username you will have no problem with lamers. Even for eggdrop bots add your domain so it will be hardly to use eggdrop.

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Post by K8oard »

Napoleon wrote:With registration you lose choices, most of the good nicknames are already taken and you lose freedom.

Napoleon, please tell me what do You meant by that... "most of the good nicknames are already taken" I`m really looking forward to know more about that, it, as long Undernet never provides nickname registration... I have heard about the server Admins might have the nickname already registered, once they apply for a specific server to link with Undernet, hope this was Your ideea...
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Post by Mal`GaniS »

I think that command for "nickname protection" is good idea not only for channel manager,for all people on undernet,...not only for people from Undernet Commitee...if im disconect some with bnc will steal my nickname and will making problems on some channels,and people will think that im that guy... i think that is need command for nickname protection,but only for ONE nickname,not for multiple....
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Post by K8oard »

Mal`GaniS wrote:...if im disconect some with bnc will steal my nickname and will making problems on some channels,and people will think that im that guy

Ohhhhh... I tell You what, no offence get use to it, I tell why too, cause it happen` so many times, several times to me that people took my nickname and they said is me the one, anyway the point is that I even got banned on several channels for this reason, anyway the ideea is that yes I agree with You that some people don`t know You as real one, because they don`t know Your real IDentD, fullname and also the way You`re writing, or even the way You`re talking to the people, no offence, but as long people got me banned on several channels because of others, I`ll never complain about those people, I`ll complain if they don`t let me to talk to prove that I`m the real one, not that user who`s logged with an username, which looks maybe just like mine, but it`s not... Anyway, like I said, get use to it (((: :devil:
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Post by Patry »

I start to be disgusted about all the subjects regarding nickname registration or protection (call it as you want). We all know that Undernet will never make it possible and I absolutely agree. Be creative, choose a different nickname if the one you want is already in use.

Can't we just move on now?


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Post by Eenie »

Yes, we can move on now.

Topic Locked.