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Undernet Surf Dream Pro Website

Post by musicidea »

Here's an Idea,

I've been searching for a while... all over google to find
a way of making finding channels on the undernet to chat in...

Of course after being on the Undernet since about 1995 there's always searching /list...

I've found websites that come up with statistics of many channels all over IRC including websites like http://searchirc.com

But even search Irc isnt that specific about the Undernet..

Especially when trying to chat in certain categories...

Yahoo chat for example: i know most here probably think Yahoo chat is very lame.. and programmed really bad..

but there is one concept we can learn from Yahoo and that is how they Categorize their Chatrooms...

The undernet in its entirely would totally blow yahoo out of the water if it could be surfed easier... Starting with categorizing things Starting with Language... then into sub categories below that.. for a quick example







Help <-- <split into sub sub categories>

Mirc Help <---- List all the channels in these categories

Windows Help chat <---- List all the channels in these etc..

Pc Hardware chat

Virus Help

Channel Service help




With it being easier to browse through.. more
traffic would come to smaller channels and larger from other servers...

Unlike the purpose of http://searchirc.com... they bring traffic out of the undernet.... and randomize chat throughout all Servers using MIRC

I think the goal here to try and keep people chatting on One server or staying on the undernet...

Maybe even make a database for when you get to the channels you are surfing for... look at their website before you join in to chat... Imagine how many websites on the undernet have websites!! how big would that search engine be?

This would require direct contact with cservice officials for the official channels... and exclude unofficial channels or UnRegistered channels... But with the help of IRC cops and Wallops they could keep a random message 5 times daily telling of this new website.. and how unregistered channels who want more traffic to sign up and Categorize themselves.. On the New Undernet Surf Dream Pro Website

If this isnt enough to convince you.. imagine after this official site is put up how many people would be interested in browsing on it... that traffic and advertizing could make some money somehow..



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Post by Mitko »

Honestly nonsense.
Dimitar Tnokovski aka Mitko

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Post by Kazaam »

musicidea wrote:English Sex

that's really weird for Undernet website. (in my opinion)
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Post by musicidea »

it did not display my example the way I typed it
but basically...


Sub category
Sub Sub Category
Sub Sub Sub Category
List of channels and websites

Sub category
Sub Sub category.

It would be nice to get a serious answer to this question...
maybe there just isnt enough time and effort available to do this..
But yahoo did it.. i figured people on the undernet to be a litte smarter..

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Post by simba »

The UnderNet website will have a search tool soon, so you can search all the channels for words (In the name of the chan, or the topic)

I think the above idea is way too much really, we need something simple and effective which we will implement soon.

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