I just want to step up and thank

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I just want to step up and thank

Post by CrayonMan »

Thanks to the coders for doing a great job with the latest release. I for one, appreciate all the new modes, and having read and understood them, think they'll make Undernet a bit more efficient and managable in the long run. Ok, now that the kudos are out of the way, a question...

With +A, is there going to be any sort of cross checking against X in regards to channel ownership? I know that primarily that +A is for new channels. but is there anything in place to stop say, an op in a bad mood from setting +A on a channel that isn't the channel owner/manager?

It may sound like a stupid question, but rest assured, I would fathom to guess that it may indeed happen, and thus causing more grief for CService, and Opers. :)

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Post by Hyper^ »

I'm not sure if i understand exactly what you mean, but an op can set the administrator password only in the first 48 hours from the channel creationd and only if he/she is the first one to join the channel, i mean no other op can set it - if you are the first one who joins a channel, then invite some friends and you part the channel, then next time you join you can't set an administrator password anymore. Hope it's clear enough :)
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