Phantom ops on channel(s) or bugs/crashes detected :)

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Phantom ops on channel(s) or bugs/crashes detected :)

Post by chip »

Channel: #roman
Username: UnD3RgRoUnD

[22:01:25] -> *x* access #roman UnD3RgRoUnD -modif
[22:01:26] -X- No Match!

Channel Stats: [23:01] -X- Auth: DanMunteanu/D_A_N_Y [500] adminro/Admin_Two [498] aleph/Admin_One [498] Ariel01/Aleph [497] padova/Ircop` [451] AnGeL4U/AnG3L4U [450] Pleatha/ovidiu-- [398] adryan24ro/Amarat`Happy [390] SteauaRulez/TooL0stInYou [390] Olacrima/OLacrima [390] brainman/THE^BRAIN [390] acydburn/[375] Roman/RomanGeorge [375] UnD3RgRoUnD/UnD3RgRoUnD [350] Romann/kymon [200]

As note: User can view any of his accesses to any channel including #roman using /info username
Also his friends can NOT see him added to any of his regular channels but can see him in channel(s) stats
He can use his access on that channel:
[22:06:30] <UnD3RgRoUnD> * You were kicked from #roman by X ((UnD3RgRoUnD) test !)


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Post by KoGiTo »

yeah, I saw that too. But if you try back in 2 minutes, It works. X bug? I don't know exactly how to call that.
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