Errors In the Cservice Website...!!! <<HELP>>

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Errors In the Cservice Website...!!! <<HELP>>

Post by ennbee »

I setup the Gnuworld and Website for my Ircu Server. All the gnuworld, website and ircu are the latest versions which I downloaded from the undernet Gnuworld Website.

Also I used pgsql, apache & php recommended versions in the website

I had no problem configuring Gnuworld -- X & Uworld works perfectly fine ;)

Then I setup the website, unforunately I could not view the website correctly..! I see the php codes on the web page instead...

I setup the website without the new-user mark make things easier. I had the apache httpd.conf and other necessary file modified as it was mentioned at the website. I repeated the website setup pls help me on this...

NB: I am running Redhat Linux 9
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Post by Homer »

best OS to run GNUworld on is FreeBSD, about the website you might have any thing wrong from the settings or also might be apache.

Run GNU websites many times, without problems.
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Post by OUTsider »

check the addtype stuff in httpd.conf :)
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