Linking Servers together

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Linking Servers together

Post by DrEvil »

I am trying to link two servers together, but can not get them to link together.

One one server I get this:

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(19:11:58) *** Notice -- Connection to activated.
(19:11:58) *** Notice -- ERROR :from -- Use another port
(19:11:58) *** Notice -- Link with canceled: EOF from client
and on the other I get this:

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(14:24:26) *** Connecting to
(14:24:27) Link with canceled: Connection refused
Any suggestions?

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Post by wensu »

Sorry, no suggestions :p
- wensu

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Post by MrEen »

Just a guess on my part, but have you tried using another port?

(wensu, I was waiting for someone else to answer.)
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Post by xplora »

Sorry but to get a better response than "try another port" you will need to show the connection settings from the configuration file(s) for both servers (masking anything sensitive of course), so that we can verify that the configuration is correct.
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