What Modules i have to uncomment?

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What Modules i have to uncomment?

Post by eawedat »

hey all,,
i've installed gnuworld and succeed.
when i run it
X does not connect to the server although services connection is being established
perhaps because i did not uncomment specific modules from the config file??

#module = libcservice.la cservice.example.conf
#module = libccontrol.la ccontrol.example.conf
#module = libchanfix.la openchanfix.example.conf
#module = libcloner.la cloner.example.conf
#module = libnickserv.la nickserv.example.conf
#module = libstats.la stats.example.conf
#module = libscanner.la scanner.example.conf
#module = libgnutest.la gnutest.example.conf
#module = libclientExample.la clientExample.example.conf
#module = libdronescan.la dronescan.example.conf
#module = libsnoop.la snoop.example.conf

what to uncomment to let X connect my server?

thanks a lot.

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Post by toolz »

You really don't have to post so many messages.

Try to stick to one topic, please.

Depends on what modules you compiled, I believe you compiled cservice and ccontrol so uncomment those for the beginning.

Make sure you configured/edited correctly the config files for each module to suit your server/network needs.