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IRCu Ideas!

Post by Yen »

I've got some ideas for IRCu to give the user more protoction, less spam,...

-Okay, I was thinking about a command that services can send to all servers in a network to stop accepting new users.
This will be verty useful when a clone attack is taking place that tries to DoS the server(s). When services notice something is going wrong with the connections, they could send a signal to the other servers in the network to stop accepting new users.

-Channelmode +N:
A channel mode like +C, but the for Channel Notices.
Channel Notices are most of the time used for spam.
(Quakenet uses this in their modified version of IRCu 'Asuka').

-No throttling anymore for trusted hosts.
This is useful for BNC/eggdrop/.. providers

-Usermode +n to stop receiving messages from not authed users.

-Usermode +h/sethost: This command is also used in Asuka to give opers costum hostmasks etc...

-Channelmode +u: No costum quit/part messages anymore.

-When a user changes the topic, ircu sets the name of the user who changed it.
Well what I like to change here is the use of the Account (AC).
When the user is not authed is uses the classic style (set by nick).
When set by an authed user, it sets set by *account_name or #account_name.
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Post by K8oard »

Your ideeas are quiet good... but You better ask an admin of this forum, or even a Forum moderator, to change Your threath, into another section only for ideeas, something like" "How can we improve Undernet"
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Post by Kermit- »

I do like that +N mode there..
Would be very usefull!

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Post by Razvanet »

I like the +u mode, it's interesting, and i would like to see that work.

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Post by OUTsider »

the sethost mode is also available for users, just check the manual
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Post by caesar »

sethost? guess you are dreaming or something. There is no sethost thing, at least the regular users won't be able to access it.
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Post by OUTsider »

in asuka :P
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Post by c0derz »

my posting is a little late, but YeN has a pretty good modes. they sound good. undernet could use some new things to make it a little more interesting, New things are always good, ive been working on somthing and i will post it soon, i was just itching to write somthing :devil:
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Post by OUTsider »

New things are not always good. They have to be coded, bugtested, debugged etc. Also you have to check what impact that new thing might have on the network regarding resources etc.
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Post by Chunka »

New things are not always good, new things shouldn't delivered just to make network more Interesting, new commands, functions should be coded when they are needed.
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Post by Dude »

/sethost irk is definitely needed :lol:
or at least virtual hosts available for normal users... that would be good, yeah.
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Post by sirAndrew »

K8oard there is a section for "How can we improve undernet" :)
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Post by god »

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