Do you like using the forum ?

Here is where you can post your comments about the network, give ideas for changes and what live-events you would like to see.

Do you like the forum?

Its the greatest thing since sliced bread!
it sux, lets chat on IRC not a forum
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Which software to use on the Forum is off-topic guys.

Let's try to stay on topic.

Eenie :)
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Well, I like the design of it, it's very nice and easy to use. I like that it's a secondary help for all kinds of question, I meant related to cservice/coder-com/routing-com/user-com or general help and I want to say that users are helped and answered in a very short time and in a very helpful way around here. Ok now, users are mostly helped, but what about moderators? It's a need that webmasters to implement a kind of security on the forum that would block spamming, because some super moderators are erasing daily more than 10-15 spamming messagess, and I think that's a loose of time for them.
Undernet forum is thinking at newcomers and newbies, but c'mon and think also at our precious moderators that are spending alot of time for the forums. C'mon and secure the forums so the job will be easyer for moderators.
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simba wrote:Hiya all :)

Just a quick survey that I wanted to run to see if people actualy enjoy using the forum , as well as getting information from it.

Please take the time to take part in this little survey for me :)

Many thanks
its usufull sometimes and sometimes no so its ok simba ;-)

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Yeah is verry nice forum..
Want to be a helper in undernet

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i`ve read first replyes and guess what... its an old and excellent forum ! :) i like it !
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Hi, this forum helped me on some questions in the past and I was really greatful for that. I'm still kind of a newbie to this forum but hope to become a valuable member soon!
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I ain't gonna lie. I'm here just to look for solutions to my issues.
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