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This is similar to what what Quakenet uses ( ). They have 2 channel bots, Q and L. L stands for "lightweight", which is a basic version of Q, it has far less features than Q and is intended for small channels with only a few users. I think this is what Undernet needs. I have a small channel that me and a few friends go to (only 5 of us in total) and it's impossible to get X there. If there was a separate bot from X (resurrect W! :grin: ) that was for smaller channels it would be perfect. You would only need 3-5 usernames to register a channel with it, and it would have only a few basic commands, like OP DEOP BAN UNBAN, etc... so it would use less resources than X. Does anyone think this is a good idea, or does it completely suck?

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Hey folks,
well in my opinion ONE bot is enough! having a bot for a channel with a small group of users! then what is the point if it would be so, then there would be ALOT of new channels with the new bot you are talking about, which actually will be there for nothing, for me i join undernet servers to meet New users and my friends,,if users would be able to form a new channels with sucha small number of users that easy, later on they will start making inviting wars on the big channels! and here we go we have new lamers around.
my point is we dont want more empty channels on undernet.
Thanks :lol:

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Your mail has 2 points : new bot and the purpose of this new bot.
1- The new bot: to put it up you would need MORE resources than using ONLY the X. It's mathematics: two bots 'eat' more than one. It doesn't matter that the second is a 'smaller' bot.
2- The purpose: setting a seccond class of channels of the kind you suggested means only more problems. Channels with few users means only unstable channels. CService setted a 10 supporters rule for making the channel more stronger and more stable. And if you want friendly channels, unstable ones to chat with friends only... I don't know... once a week or once a month you will find more useful to just invent a channel set it private and invite only so no one will disturb you.... the choice is yours.

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Actually, just because you have a channel with *most of the time* has only < 10 users does not mean it's a channel you have *just for friends once a week or once a month*. That's absurd!

The idea of a 'light' bot, which is 'easier to obtain' than X is by far a good idea.....but it's not the ways of Undernet and never has been so I would imagine it won't be any different than what it is now.

However, it could be good to bring back W to be this bot ;)

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Post by binary »

undernet is unique and wil remain unique.

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Post by dark »

Well, i don't think this is a good idea...

You're talking about small channels... with 4-6 users. So you need only 3 supporters, who can ensure that this channel will always have 4-6 users, and that it won't grow?

Think this "suggestion" is impossible to take care of, too many problems will come out of this.

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Post by Morfeo »

IDEA : compile again to W and X :)



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Ressurecting VERY old posts just won`t do it ;P
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Post by psychic »


You see , you sayd you want a channel for you an a few friends (5) . You don`t need X for that , just wait a bit `till the new modes for channels will be activated , and you`ll can be the mngr of a channel without having a bot at all . and you`ll can deop an op your self when ever you want .
Read this for more info -> , maybe this will guide you better to understand the problem :)

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Post by Patry »

Why would anyone reply to a 2002 post in the first place? Anyway, just let it go! X is enough, we don't need another service like W. If you can't get it on your channel, look around for a bot lending channel.
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