Official CService Administrator - ABUSE!!!

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Official CService Administrator - ABUSE!!!

Post by Einstien »

11:30 A.M. Philippine time. I was logged on my psyBNC, checking my OPPED channels. I was shocked when i read this ( [11:31] -X- Your account has been suspended. [11:31] -X- Sorry, you have insufficient access to perform that command ) and i tried to command X /msg x info Einstien to check my access of all channels i am OPPED. And i was worried when i read this -X- ** This account has been suspended **. I went to #usernames for assistance and then BobsKC assisted me and told me HE was suspend me becaus my IP and e-mail is most used for registering an usernames but sincerely i wasn't use multilple usernames in that case.

And after that, BobsKC send me a private msg.
[11:48] <BobsKC> If you are on this username tomorrow, I will have a /kill done to get you off of it.

I verify BobsKC and see:
[11:49] -X- BobsKC! is an Official CService Administrator and logged in as BobsKC

This oldman (BobsKC) is an abuser Official CService Administrator!!!

Official Cservice *...
Please don't use your power that you are an official on this network and please don't be boastful!!! You are only a human!!!

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Post by Wolfyx »

Oh sure, open this stupid thread all over the forum why don't you?
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Post by Spidel »

why you had to open another thread related to this issue? this is not a place where you can complain about it.
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Post by Crosswing »

Actually opening threads like these all over the forum will not solve anything, you're just wasting your time. Running around and calling CService admins abusers is even worse. If you're not happy with the suspension, you were already told what to do. Instead of whining you should find solid proof that you do not own any other usernames.
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Post by Mitko »

I don't see the need of keeping this thread open, so that's why I locked it.
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