If You're having trouble connecting to Undernet - 2013 -

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If You're having trouble connecting to Undernet - 2013 -

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Someone has been attacking!

Direct Denial of Services Attacks are ILLEGAL and cost Millions of dollars every year. IRC is not alone in being victims, businesses and governments get DDoS'd.

IT pros say "DDoS costs their organizations $240,000 in lost revenue per day of the attack, and one-fifth say it would mean a loss of $1.2 million per day" - in 2012.

Our Opers, Admins, and Helpers, are kind and will do everything reasonably possible not to offend people. There may be any or no reason for people or gangs to direct malformed packets of data at a server, until there is no room for us and our friends. We see (Read error: Operation timed out) and (Ping timeout).. when the ordinary ping-pong cannot take place.

Undernet staff and lots of your friends are all still here! Many many people are having the same problems, getting disconnected and not being able to connect.

Undernet's servers are the best possible. Each one is run by expert professionals who donate servers and time to create and maintain our network.

IRC is FREE! You don't have to pay -- a DDoS protected server can cost thousands of dollars - not each year, but every day!

We are being given a GREAT GIFT, the opportunity to chat!

If it's slow to connect, try the server list at: http://www.undernet.org/servers/
Click on the individual server names, get the IP and try to connect on it. Try servers in your hemisphere, (Australia can try both!)

Remember it's only IRC - but we love Undernet!

Keep trying, and Undernet will keep trying to make servers available ;-)