I made a site like undernet.de only in romanian !Not ofical

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Post by Ghost^dog »

I made the site http://www.service.undernet.go.ro
can it get linked on to the undernet site?
Like Undnernet.de.....Not oficial but mentioned as an usefull info site fore romanian users in the undernet oficial site?
Someone plz check it out...the info is all corect ...translated mostly from the undernet oficial site so it must be 100% rifgt:)
Someone plzzz lock into it......i think this is the best place 4 this note...so plz check it out

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Post by moshu »

Pretty nice translation, indeed. You can always wait for an Official to take a look to it. Good luck :smile:

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Post by Ghost^dog »

merci moshule :smile:

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Post by simba »

Nice site,
but we dont provide links to other sites. However im sure if you post your website in a romanian forum everyone will see it.

Best wishes

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Post by Ghost^dog »

:smile:) ..thx 4 the appretiation...

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Post by angelic1 »

Kind Regards,


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Post by Benny »

simba don`t you have copyright here, on this site? Is someone allowed to copy this site just like that?
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Post by kenv »

Copyright notice wrote:The copyright of graphics, design, HTML, PHP and SQL code remains with the authors.
The undernet logo is copyright by the undernet webmasters project admin.
The websites design and code may be used and modified by the Undernet irc network but
not be used on any other websites unless written approval from the authors of the code.

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Post by sysc »

Good job but you should get a permission.
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Post by susspektu »

hm.. nice try.. but its a fake :)) (mai incearca)
maybe you could try a personal ideea of a undernet site.. what do u think?

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Post by OUTsider »

Simba, what about if the translations are good to implement it into the official site ? Thus making the site multilingual in time. I'm sure there would be plenty of people willing to help starting to translate it. You doing the hebrew version ....
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Post by SuSSpEkT` »

Great ideea OUTsider i'd love to help out with romanian translation. It would be much easier for people to navigate in their own language.
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Post by zeee »

http://www.service.undernet.go.ro Not working anymore , at least it didn`t work when i checked it :bandit:

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Post by Mitko »

I think this topic should be closed if we take the fact "that site is not anymore UP." :P
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Post by sirAndrew »

Of course it had to be took down...the copyright issue....i`m sure there are plenty romanians in the undernet staff (an example that could make a romanian version of the website is our own undernet webmaster evilone) who could translate the site if necesarry.

However, translating a website without the approval of the authors won`t do anybody any good, and the forum already has the romanian language addon. As i said the undernet website will become multilingual if necesarry.
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