Undernet's Volunteer of the year (2006)

Here is where you can post your comments about the network, give ideas for changes and what live-events you would like to see.
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Post by Etherfast »

Changes made.

In this case, counting the people back stage, my single vote unavoidable goes to the two persons I consider they did the best job if not for the whole network, at least for the Channel service section : Laccc and Saralee . Way to go, guys. No offence, Sara ;)

As for the others, don't worry, we all appreciate you work.

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Post by LadyLu »

OMG.. I`m undecided... !?!

Well.. actually I won`t give names.. just want to congratulate everyone that is giving a piece of care for this work, no matter which status has in Undernet.
Here my words stand my collegues from #cservice and also the ones from #dmsetup (especially poth and mitko that do a lot of work in back stage relative to #dmsetup`s duty), as well as other people maybe less known by me but reffered in other situations.
Every time I appeciated the work of someone, I have told it to that person dirreclty.
Keep up a good work!


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Post by neBu »

- Volunteers : Wolfyx, Etherfast, KoGiTo
- CService Representatives : k1dnapper, Mervin, Piciu
- CService Administrators : xplora, Darthvader, BobsKC
- IRC Operators : Saralee, sammy

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Post by Hayasdan »

I don't want to give names, as we are having the chance to app the work of people that give there time to undernet, i want to take the chance of this thread and tell, good work to all are honestly give there time to Undernet, its just irc but still im addict to it. ;)

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Post by Wolfyx »

BobsKC..there's no need to explain why, is there? :)
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Post by ragorn »

Chin00k,volunteer of all years,hehe

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Post by ragorn »


tidus Kogito spidel as trainees

Orators kidnapper as represantatives

Umairs , palutu as volunteers

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Post by Stefanoo »

Volunteers : Lu^ // Etherfast // zmolensky
CService Representatives : coldasice // Mervin // zappmobile // wulf
CService Administrators : xplora // leo // bob
IRC Operators : crosss // compy // sammy

Lu^ has surprised me with her huge effort and dedication for #Cservice . well done girl.

irc wise and real life wise coldasice is a very good representative. he has took good care of us (french tourists) while we were in bucharest. i have to admit he is goes his job always corectly.

Leoo has done lately a great job hunting a big ammount of lamers down. i admired that action . chapeau bas.

crosss is still my favorit friendly oper. i never noticed him ignoring users when they asked for help. he never talk upside down to any.. just cool.

Stefano @ Douaihy.org

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Post by Parazitu »

My opinion

.:: Volunteers : Etherfast, Lu^ and KoGiTo
.:: CS Representatives : Mervin, zappmobile
.:: CS Admins : xplora, leoo
.:: IRC Operators : sammy, Laccc

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Post by DiAs »

I`ll tell you my opinion..
Trainees: Eth, KoGiTo, Wolfyx.
CSservice Representatives: kidnapper, zapp DJ-DM
CService Administrators: Saralee, xplora,
IRC Operators: crosss, maxim, sammy

And let's hear a hip-hip hooray for Lu :)

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Post by sradevic »

Volunteers: Lu^ & Etherfast
CService Representatives: (they know who they are)
CService Administrators: (they know who they are)
IRC Operators: (they too know who they are)

Sorry for not mentioning any nicknames, but i guess most of them that do their job know who they are.
For their outstanding performance and dedication to the undernet irc network (as far as i've seen) :) As a helper in antivirus groups, these people have always been there when in need. I'd also like to put in a good word for all other that provide us the servers for chatting, the resources, the friendly atmosphere at all sort of help providing channels etc :)

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Post by `Dj »

How come you are still naming Channel Service volunteers as best staff? Like others stated there are people from other committees who are working hard but their work gets unnoticed.
I, myself know some volunteers from CService who are dedicated and hard working like most of the current trainees but there are also people from the User Committee (who nobody seems to notice) who are involved in several projects like Webmasters, Newsletter or #Class and #UserGuide. People from this committee do their best in providing help and I assure you that they do it in a professional manner. I don't want to advertise anything or anyone, all I want is to make their work known.
I don't want to make any nominations, I am thankful to all the active Undernet volunteers who are struggling to make this network a better place.

Best regards,

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Post by Etherfast »

I, personally, mentioned only people from CService because that's the only project I'm involved with at the moment.
Last year I've mentioned some other people too, as I was not that lazy ;)

Anyway, you can freely mention whoever you think.

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Post by warky »

I agree with Mitko too, those people I mentioned before were just some of the ones who helped me..cool guys.I guess in the staff of the year should be included all the people who take care of the network and do something into its benefit :-)
I am the chosen one! :)

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Post by `Dj »

I am glad that you got the point. All the volunteers deserve our recognition, as I am sure they are not working in order to gain any prize.
I think there is one more thing left to be said..
In my opinion we should all be thankful to the Webmasters team without whom, this wouldn't be possible as they worked hard to restore the website. Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

Best regards,