Undernet's Volunteer of the year (2006)

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Undernet's Volunteer of the year (2006)

Post by Etherfast »

Hello everyone.
You probably know that there's a so called habit in the past two years that we open a discussion topic within this forum, regarding Undernet's top helpers/officials (at least a vote, in your opinion).

In 2004, the Staff of the Year award as far as I can remember, was given to Saralee (the post was started by Helpless, I was not able to find it in the archive)

The next year, 2005, there wasn't a winner decided, but you can still analyse [url=http://forum.undernet.org/viewtopic.php?t=1993]the actual post[/url] and see what was the situation at that time.

As we're in 2006 since a few days, I thought it would be a good thing to start this so called campaign for the current year, so here it goes ;)

In your (humble) opinion, I DARE you to name some Undernetters that have the following 'statutes'.
For an easy way of sorting the results, I want to ask you to name exactly three persons for each position.

- Volunteers (trainees, first actual position in every helpchannel)
- CService Representatives
- CService Administrators (& Seniors too)
- IRC Operators

So you'll have to name a total of twelve persons that spend their time regulary in a known helpchannel weather it's about X Help, usernames related, channel modes, general help or even virushelp.

Waiting for you to cast your votes, and thank you in advance ;)
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Post by Etherfast »

I'll go first =)

Volunteers : KoGiTo // Wolfyx // lordwilli
CService Representatives : k1dnapper // zappmobile // Mervin
CService Administrators : xplora // Leoo // `Voodoo
IRC Operators : Saralee // Laccc // sammy

Keep up the good work, guys ;)

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Post by Tzintzi »

Let the asskissing begin

kog, wolfyx, eth

official helpers:
napper, piciu, vero

xp, voodoo, leoo

saralee, maxim, NF
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Post by xplora »

Please remember to identify what committee's or group's they are connected with, especially when saying things like official helper or admin, since admins can get confusing with CService Admins, and Server Admins.

Remember, there are Multiple Committee's:

Undernet Channel Services Committee (CService)
Undernet User Committee (user-com)
Undernet Routing Committee (routing-com)
Undernet Coder Committee (coder-com)
Undernet Server Admins Committee (Server Admins)
-- and thats just 5 I know about...

Then there is various groups, that while official, but are not specifically connected to a committee, are official in some other way (ie usually to a server) such as:

irc operators
-- this list goes on, but you get the idea

So please remember to identify the committee or group. :)

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Post by Etherfast »

Ahem, how about selecting among the forum moderators?:)

I haven't heard your opinion, xplora.

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Post by warky »

Well, I'll go third :)
Trainees: Etherfast, KoGiTo, Wolfyx.
CSservice Representatives: Piciu, kidnapper, zapp
CService Administrators: Saralee, xplora, chin00k.
IRC Operators: crosss, maxim, bjoern
I am the chosen one! :)

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Post by Mitko »

This is my opinion and this is the staff of all years: everyone who is volunteering by following the rules and is active (no matter in what group (s)he is).

This topic is most likely "Cservice staff of the year" (according to that first post). If so, change the name of the topic. So, it's like who cares about others work ?

I am not going to pick nicknames, and I think you are not supposed to pick nicknames too. You are mentioning people you know and you have seen helping, you cannot jugde. There are people in secret channels, in groups that don't have main channels, but they have a back channel where all the work is done. There are people cleaning drones, trojans, viruses, spambots, (simply all infections) and all the crap on the network. Where in your posts are (or will be) the webmasters ? The sponsors of the servers ? The coders who are coding the software (IRCu and GNUWorld) ? Nobody of you will mention those people.

Best Regards,
Dimitar Tnokovski aka Mitko

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Post by Etherfast »

No one ever complained about this kind of votes, why are you trying to be the first one?

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Post by nakedsanta »

so...here i go :
volunteers : KoGiTo, Etherfast, Lu^
Representatives : k1dnapper, Mervin, zapp
Admins : saralee, xplora, Leoo
IRC Operators : sammy, cross and...enough
question : does the winner get a prize or somethin` ? :P
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Post by lemuel »

nothing special about this - my vote goes for all VOLUNTEERS/HELPERS/ADMINISTRATORS and for all the people who are doing a great job to make this network a good place for chat. :wink:
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Post by Melksedek »

Volunteers: Lu, Wolfyx, Etherfast
CS Representatives: Mervin, Zappmobile, k1dnapper
CS Admins: xplora, saralee (both oper and admin), leoo
Opers: cross, sammy

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Post by skylyn »

Volunteers: Etherfast,Wolfyx,zmolensky
CS Representatives: Mervin, Cold,Zapp
CS Admins: xplora,Darthvader,leoo
IRC Operators: frozn,sammy, saralee
my clap for all ppl who are working for this network!

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Post by SPIR »

This is my personal point :
- Volunteers : Zmolensky and LadyLu
- CService Representatives : Veroushka , Nickmenza
- CService Administrators/Seniors : Xplora, Saralee, DarthVader
- IRC Operators : Grr8ful , Compy , Frozen

Let`s face`it all Undernet Officials are a crew and without all help the unet can`t be like now. Soo I put just the officials I know :lol:

But All are a part of helping and ..... you all understand what I want to say.

With regards just a ^Spir from somewere of *undernet.org
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* With regards,
* John Michael (SPIR) aka ^5

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Post by Spidel »

Well guys my vote sounds like this

As volunteers are : KoGiTo , LadyLu , Etherfast and zmolensky
As Cservice representative : zappstiko , Mervin , veroushka , OraTors
As Cservice administrators and seniors : xplora , Leoo , BobsKC , Saralee , chin00k
And as opers : crosss

That doesn't meant rest of all does not do a great job..

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Post by xplora »

Mitko I agree, votes don't mean much without a background, without a reason why... that said, here's my vote...


Yes thats right, the the big honcho right here on the forums, he's also the webmaster for both the forums and http://www.undernet.org. He also helps to organise events with User-Com, and channels around events such as Europes biggest talent show (whose name escapes me at the moment, feel free to correct me, I'm a kiwi, wrong side of the planet, go figure :P). And no I do not see the recent downtime of the website as his fault, he's the webmaster, not the hosting service.

I know Simba does a lot of background work as well that can't be mentioned here (see Mitko's comments about back channels ;), but as a CService Senior Administrator I can certainly say he is heavily involved with Undernet and certainly deserves being Undernet's Staff of the Year.

Mitko, you're right the name needs changing, Staff is plurel, how about Undernet's Volunteer of the Year, since we are all volunteers here, and sounds a lot better than Staff's singular "Staffer". (of course Staff can be singular, when refering to something like a pole, instead of a group of people ;)

I seem to be refering to Mitko a lot (see there I go again), I guess I really liked his post ;)