Virtual pets?

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Virtual pets?

Post by dreness »

Though I do appreciate anyone who volunteers time and effort to support undernet, I have a suggestion. Until such time as undernet is stable, maybe we can live without "a virtual pet which you can purchase in the forum and take care of its needs".

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Post by vEnNoms »

Oh dreness then give us some ideeas, should we kill the lamers? should we go to learn all the unix admins how to secure a unix ? ...
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Post by dreness »

vEnNoms wrote:Oh dreness then give us some ideeas, should we kill the lamers? should we go to learn all the unix admins how to secure a unix ? ...

How about taking a collection to hire some people to track down the perpetrators of attacks on the servers, and then nail them to a tree. I'd be the first to donate.

I don't honestly know what the specifc nature of the instability is, but I'd guess it's more along the lines of DDOS than hacking of the IRC servers. DDOS attacks are hard to trace, but it can be done, given enough money / persistance.

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Post by ZeroSlashe® »

Things like this have already been discussed in several topics. You could use the search function to find where they are and perhaps find some info from other users about this issue and perhaps solutions u can come think off in a more detailed way.

Could be quite helpful =)

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Post by Mitko »

I have heard enough of complaining, suggestions and not needed things, and now I am really p1ssed off. dreness, do you think that opres/admins don't care about Undernet ? Don't talk something you don't know. Thank you very much. And this was over discussed. Use the damn Search button. Undernet is non-profit organization. Money is not in question. Everything you see about *Undernet* is sponsored and maintained by volunteers. If you feel you have enough money, then feel free to link a server, your server will be ddosed, so you can track the flooders. Enough of not needed comments. Thank you.

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Post by lemuel »

basically right.
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Post by LadyLu »

I like having pets, I hope i will keep it alive tho.. I don`t wanna be a criminal!!! :x
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Post by sirAndrew »

And what should simba do? host a server on the box that hosts the website? You have to be kidding you have any ideea what you are talking about?

Installing new soft on the forum won`t affect the undernet servers in any way....

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Post by OUTsider »

I think the decision is already performed. Pets are there, we care about them. When they grow up we sent em after the bastards.

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