Advertisment in G:line

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Advertisment in G:line

Post by InternetX »

[22:41:40] * @cool2005 (~cool2004@ Quit (G-lined (auto Infected with a virus or trojan, please clean your system. Cleaner @

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Post by lemuel »

thats the site where you can download a cleaner for trojan infections... that user is infected thats why he's given a link for trojan removal.

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Post by skiler »

As lemuel said, thats not an Advertisment InternetX, thats an advice, Undernet Opers are always working in order to mantain this network safe and clean, is not enough to perform G-line without giving the user a choice on what can he do about getting cleaned :) Well, they G-line the user to prevent infections and also they give him a trojan removal rool.

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Post by Mitko »

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Post by DeusX »

[19:49] *** You are banned from connecting to this server ("[0] infected! Advertising infecting web sites. Clean this computer!")

Now, many Romanian users got G-Lined a few minutes ago, when connectd to the Romanian RDS server.
Do not tell us we are infected, I know at least few computer "geeks" always being on the safe side.

It's either an marketing campain, or someone hacked an IRCOP's account.
But I am not infected and those who reported same events are not too.

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Post by OzzY »

not just Romanian users, all Undernet users were g-lined.

Have a look at,
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Post by wensu »

in the good old days, the g:line messages used to be less friendly, like ' Go away you moron! '

Bring back the biff in g:lines :)
- wensu

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Post by Paul »

those were the days...

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Post by simba »

The good old days may I add............