What the $#@& is going on with Undernet?

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What the $#@& is going on with Undernet?

Post by theZoMBiE »

Okay it is obvious that Undernet had changed. It is either a new generation that we see coming or just the administrators from Undernet are just *lazy* to do their job.

First of all the server linking is just horrible. For example: when you connect to some servers you see different modes set on the channel where as when you are on other server that channel mode is not seen (and no this is not while net split or the person being in lag). Same thing can be the reason why X is quitting with the message (Killed (*.undernet.org (older nick overruled))).

Second, what the #@*% is up with all this Romanian teams? Does anyone sees this as a problem or am I the only one? They and their ```` instead of ‘’’ ? In my opinion I think this Romanians are just embarrassment for the whole Undernet. I do not think I have to go into much detail.

Finally, I also want to critic the ircop support. It is almost impossible to be helped. #ZT used to be you wait couple of minutes and you will be helped. Now however, you are looking from 2hours and up. And the helpers are getting angry because people are parking their clients to wait so they get banned for idling.

I do understand that the world is changing through time. But Undernet used to be a friendly place where you could chat with people around the world. Nowadays, a place to get spammed, flooded, and annoyed by random people that they think they are all the S#!&

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Post by xplora »

I'm only responding the the comment about irc op's, what needs to be known is that irc op's are not here for the user's, they are here for the servers. This annoyingly means you can't expect them to help, only hope they will. :(

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Post by sirAndrew »

Ok first of all skip us your complaining customer atitude cause we heard them all. Instead of winning all the time try to give us a hand in making undernet a better place.

Now let me answer to each and every point:

Servers issue: Try to remember the servers are almost all hosted by ISPs for free. That`s right they don`t get any money from it, and it`s not easy not to get a profit out of something and still to get attacked by ddos-ers. So first of all they are not really concerned in providing the best service they have and sometimes server admin don`t even join irc. They are network admins that only tale care of the server and keep it running...so they don`t really know about desynch or other things.

Romanian issue: Instead of compaling about them help the #report-abuse or other teams that handle abuses of all kinds to get rid of them, by posting reports whenever users(romanians) cross the line. That would really mean that you care about undernet.

Ircop issue: If you read carefully the first two paragraphs you`ll see that ircops are busy stoping ddos attacks, preventing splits, cleaning the network which is far more important than reoping uncapable users like those who loose op because or take-overs. I registered 2 channels by now (i purged one don`t jump on me that i`m abusing) and i never had a take-over while regproc because i trusted the ones i gave op to.

In conclusion think twice before winning again because look nobody that can do something about your complaints cares about them enough to reply to you and those who can do something are server admins, undernet admins, ircops, or coders.
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Post by YounGun »

hmmm I can't wait the new ircu version!! opless channels will go bye-bye

I'm sure your criticism can be better... why don't you give some suggestions? Link a server?

I'm a romanian, Thanks.

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Post by wensu »

ohh my another complaint? please then get yourself a complaint ticket and wait thezombie. :)